Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator Reviews (model #EL87TRRRV05)

by Ellen J.
(Schoharie, NY)

Here's my unhappy Whirlpool SideKick refrigerator reviews:

My 2 year old freezerless Whirlpool refridgerator developed a freon leak somewhere in the sealed system. Sealed systems can not be repaired according to repairman so fridge is useless.

The repairman said that these fridgerators are known for just this very problem. Whirlpool customer service gave us a long run around and had us jump through hoops before finally telling us there's nothing they will do.

Needless to say I will never buy any Whirlpool products (or maytag products too since they own them and we had major issues with out Maytag washer that they finally fixed only because of a class action suit brought against them).

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Oct 10, 2023
Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

Whirlpool is a disgrace!! my sidekick refrigerator broke down, exactly one year and one month after purchase. Whirlpool decided that they didn’t need to fix my refrigerator for two months!! Excuse me one day without a refrigerator is an emergency, never mind two months!!! my whirlpool sidekick replaced another refrigerator that only lasted me for three years… What’s this world coming to? I am just so beyond disappointed that Whirlpool backs such a piece of shit refrigerator and to let a customer wait two months to get the refrigerator repaired is unheard of. I have no doubt that this new compressor Will only last another year if I’m lucky… and I’ll have to go through the same crap.

Sep 30, 2023
Whirlpool Sidekick All fridge broken after 18 months NEW
by: I miss Kenmore!

Sad to learn I am not alone. My almost new 18 month old SS $2K CAD Whirlpool sidekick is warm. Model WSR57R18DM03. Called Whirlpool 800#. Got Appliance Pros. They sent a 3rd party appliance repair guy who promised a written diagnosis & quote. Tech spent most of the time speaking his native language to somebody back at the shop. He kept saying 'Ceiling unit" and left. 4 days and 4 calls later-still no quote. I called Whirlpool again. They remind me the warranty is only 1 yr. I was put through to the top of the corporate food chain & asked how they can be proud to sell something that breaks after only 18 months?! They offered 50% off the part OR 35% towards a new fridge. I will never have another Whirlpool in my house ever again. Today had a second (English speaking) tech come over from a diff repair place for a 2nd opinion. He knew what it was immediately. He opens up the INSIDE bottom grate behind the crisper and there's a huge ball of ice in the lower left corner on the coils. He says he has the same all fridge; the evaporator rusts from freeze/thaw and he has replaced his 2c in 6 years. $800 to fix and it will happen again in 3 years. PS - I just got the quote from the first tech - they say it's a drier assembly in the SEALed unit:$30 part,$400 repair. So who's right?? We decided to cut our losses & take the "silver coffin" to the dump cuz my hubby won't let me turn it into a planter out back. Off to the scratch & dent place to find a used Kenmore.

Apr 17, 2023
Do NOT buy a Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator NEW
by: Mad in CA

We bought a new construction home about 18 months ago. The home was furnished with Whirlpool Sidekick refrigerator and freezer. About a month ago, when we were just our our 1 year warranty period, the refrigerator suddenly started warming up, and after about a week wasn't cooling at all. First negative; upon calling several local appliance repair companies I was told by all of them, "So sorry. We cannot work on newer Whirlpool appliances. Whirlpool will only train companies who agree to be warranty repair companies on their newer appliances, and most smaller companies don't want to do warranty repairs because it's not cost efficient". So, I was stuck using the company that Whirlpool referred me to. Took one week for the technician to come out and do the diagnosis, at a cost of $175. He was very rude and unprofessional...looked inside the unit for about 5 minutes, then declared that the compressor was bad and needed replacing...a compressor should last for 6-10 years, not 18 months. Went ahead with the repair at a cost of $1,900. Less than two weeks later, the exact same thing is happening. No cooling, over temp light and alarm are going off. So now we are stuck with a lemon of a refrigerator, we are out almost $2,000 and are at the mercy of a repair company that is incompetent, and Whirlpool who don't care. Whirlpool used to be a good company who cared about providing quality products and service. Save yourself the aggravation and do NOT buy Whirlpool appliances.

Dec 24, 2022
Unhappy Texan NEW
by: Anonymous

I am another unhappy Whirlpool Sidekicks owner...unit quit cooling two weeks after one year warranty ran out...called Whirlpool warranty three or four times and only got the same run around as everyone else. You would expect a $1599 refrigerator to last longer than one or two years or at least get some compensation for a new unit but at the current price of $2699 I would not buy another anyway!!! Will look at other alternatives/brands!!!

Nov 02, 2022
sidekick alternatives
by: jim f

Does anyone have any insite on another refrigerator that will fit in the sidekick cabinet opening?
I have the frig only and need to find a unit to fit. Will not consider another sidekick.

Aug 30, 2022
Same thing NEW
by: A Duffell

We have just lost our second Whirlpool Sidekick Fridge to a leak. Second in five years. Now i'm trying to figure out to reconfigure cabinets to hold a different type of fridge or find one similar but have been told that Frigidaire makes all of the side by side units for Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Electrolux. Would love to know if I can find a better option similar size.

Aug 30, 2022
Same thing NEW
by: A Duffell

We have just lost our second Whirlpool Sidekick Fridge to a leak. Second in five years. Now i'm trying to figure out to reconfigure cabinets to hold a different type of fridge or find one similar but have been told that Frigidaire makes all of the side by side units for Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Electrolux. Would love to know if I can find a better option similar size.

Jan 04, 2022
Units are garbage NEW
by: M.I. In KY

Same story as everyone else. 2 fridges in 6 years. Each broke around three years after install. Coolant leak that cannot be repaired. This even happened to a replacement that Whirlpool sold at discount.

Wife and I have decided to pay to renovate our cabinets and switch to a standard sized counter depth fridge/freezer. The headache with these pieces of garbage are not worth the hassle.

Oh and in between the fridges breaking our freezer broke but was able to be repaired.

I found this when searching for a class action lawsuit.

Dec 22, 2021
You can't make this stuff up. NEW
by: Mark

More of the same from me. We built our house in 2014. Kitchen cabinets sized to fit the ironically named pair of SideKick units. To our surprise they did serve us well for about 6 years. Then like clockwork the freezer died at the onset of the pandemic. After unsuccessfully trying to order a new unit for several months we invested nearly the cost of one having the original repaired. (We replaced the evap coil inside the box, the line-set connected to it, and the condenser coil. Sadly the repair lasted less than a year.
Not long after the refrigerator died and that is where we drew the line. We decided to make a major investment in a pair of Viking 30" columns and a cabinet rebuild. However, the story isn't over yet. The Viking units have been sitting in our garage since Sept 21 with their own comedy of issues and wildly incompetent service. Service so bad that we may re-sell the Viking pair and go back to SideKicks, knowing well that we will have to replace them again in a few years. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. I really wish we had the wall space to squeeze in a pair of the Electrolux or Frigidaire Pro twins, but we don't. Our options are limited.

Jul 05, 2021
by: Ross Adkinson

My wife and I are on our 3rd unit because thank the Lord we purchased the extended warranty. We have had appliance techs come close to twenty times and each one says one of a couple of things. Finally after 6-7 times they just call it a freon leak and we have to wait for the to send us a new piece of crap. Needless to say this is the last Whirlpool we will ever own. Out of 5 Stars I give it around a -604

Jan 29, 2021
Sidekick failure NEW
by: Randall Brown

Bought the pair for my new house.
Refrigerator failed in 3 years.
List price just went up to $1990.
Can you say
Junk junk junk

Dec 31, 2020
el88trrws03 Sidekick Refrigerator not Cooling NEW
by: Anonymous

el88trrws03 - same cooling issue. Cost of the repair not worth the hassle. Out of warranty. Parts backordered. Repairman stated that this could be anything from a leak, bad coil, or bad compressor.

Stay away from these things - they are unreliable, create an odd shaped hole in your kitchen to fill, and are incredibly expensive and time consuming to own.

Oct 05, 2020
Sidekick model WSR57R18DM02 NEW
by: Jim Sheffer

DOP: Sept 2018 Date failed Sept.2020

Today: No cool due to refrigerant leak. I won't bore you with more. It's the same as everyone else.

Please add to class action if filed.

Jun 29, 2020
Stop these companies NEW
by: Anonymous

If these appliance companies was made to give a 5 year warranty on sealed system s like they used to years ago we would get better appliances that last longer no quality these days just quantity if make it a year more money for them

Jun 28, 2020
participation in possible class action for sidekick NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. Purchased and built my cabinets around the Whirlpool freezer and frig set. Low and behold the frig quit working and not cooling after 2 years. Have to buy another one or rebuild my kitchen which sucks. If a class action lawsuit occurs please count me in.


Jan 14, 2020
by: Anonymous

So sorry to have you join the club of owners that are stuck with an opening sized for sidekicks. I so love the room. Hate they don’t work. Sad thing.

Jan 07, 2020
Two years! NEW
by: Cam

Ah, where to begin? If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a new car every couple of years, likes that new-car smell and the responsive feel of new machinery, this refrigerator is FOR YOU. It’s our fourth; I know whereof I speak. The fact is that it’s our fourth SideKick in eleven years.

Yes, indeed, this refrigerator tends to last about two years. You get a new one when the "old" one fails, because you’ve designed your kitchen around it and its companion freezer. If Whirlpool changes the style, when the frig fails you get to get a new frig AND a new freezer! They need to match or it looks awful.

Look at all the postings below that describe the two-year lifespan of the SideKick. Our immediately previous one lasted two years minus one day. When I contacted Whirlpool about it, they offered a one-time repair, to the tune of about $600. Knowing that this repair was unlikely to last, I asked instead about a discount on a new one (we designed the kitchen around it, you see). Whirlpool replied that their only offer was a one-time gesture of goodwill to repair the frig, once. (I like American-made products, but really? Once?)

So. Unless you really are the kind of person who likes to replace a $1500 piece of equipment every two years, re-consider your kitchen design. And if you do buy a SideKick, get that extra warranty. Take it from one who knows.

Apr 12, 2019
Sidekick model #WSR57R18DM NEW
by: Anonymous

Moved into our new house last March, our 1 yr old sidekick fridge stopped working. Needs a new compressor and evaporator, which of course, are on backorder...hmmm wonder why!? Took 2 weeks to even get a tech out to order parts because whirlpool had the freezers serial number listed for BOTH the freezer and the fridge. Easter’s in 9 days and the parts are backordered. How in the world isn’t there a class action law suit yet, I’m on board as soon as I hear of one!!! Never purchasing whirlpool again

Dec 11, 2017
Class action NEW
by: Smckie

I think I tried to look for a class action at one time and don’t think I found anything. But since I have seen a number of these involving appliances. If anyone discovers there is one I would gladly join.

Dec 10, 2017
Class Action Suit? NEW
by: Jane

I've read several people mention a class action suit. Does anyone know if one has been filed? I would definitely be interested after the way whirlpool treated me. Too much money for garbage

Dec 10, 2017
Leak Free Freon NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you Ellen Johnson and your husband. I just did the leak proof freon. I hope it works!!!

Nov 30, 2017
Sad and broke NEW
by: smckie

I am sorry this has happed to you. Just as I am sorry all of us did not find this info when we were building kitchens and tried to research a good purchase. But unlike you I just found a unit from another manufacture that fit the spot left. Am I happy with it no. But it functions well. If I had thought about it more I would have bought a freezer on bottom. Nothing in the fridge only world would fit my space. But tips we learn as we roll thru life Are what they are. Hope your holidays improve.

Nov 29, 2017
Sad and broke! NEW
by: Anonymous

We also sadly are on our second PAIR of side kicks. We also built custom home and custom cabinets in the kitchen ....sure enough ...same problem as everyone else, a very good idea to have seperate fridge, and matching freezer. Avery poor reflection on the whirlpool brand , and a reputation for quality that was a gold standard for years. Upon calling Whirlpool customer service, they were rude, would not listen to our concerns, at one point , I thought had " hung up" because agent was silent! I am awaiting delivery of the third fridge, set to come tomorrow. Yes , three replacements in 11 years. It is one month before Christmas.....instead of a nice personal gift for Christmas.....I will be getting another....as I suspect ...faulty $ 1400, appliance. BROKE for Christmas! So when....not " if" these units go out.....then I will have to take out a loan to gut kitchen , redesign cabinets to fit a refrigerator that should have lasted at least fifteen years. Currently I have a 28 year old fridge in my garage still working to use for the interim. Isn't it a sad commentary on a co- operation as large as Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore who used to be so reliable and honorable, to leave customers for 50 plus years in a lurch. Yes, I believe this is comparable to a criminal act .this is a very sad statement of consumer affairs. Companies do not care to stand by their products. No regard for their customers. We are at their.....No Mercy" !

Apr 22, 2017
These machines are horrible.
by: Michael in Fairfax

Save your money and your sanity . The Whirlpool sidekick machines are horrible. I am so sorry that I purchased these. They look nice placed side by side. They are a good size. The interior layouts are fine. However, the compressors break and have to be replaced repeatedly. I'm already on my third compressor on my refrigerator in half a dozen years. The first replacement was covered by the manufacturer's warranty. After that, you pick up the cost. Stay away from these machines.

Mar 24, 2017
Sorry you have added to our group
by: Smckie

Sorry to hear about your problems only 2 years in. We finally got smart and changed brands which was not easy since Lowes custom build the kitchen and the space for the sidekicks is smaller than most of the units that only have all fridge all freezer. It is sad that while we can put a man on the moon we cannot make a decent fridge. I loved the idea of all that space but the fact that you could not keep it running was a big drawback. Good luck with your future endeavors. I just wish more people found out before they purchased sidekicks that it was not going to be a win.

Mar 24, 2017
Side kick freezer
by: Anonymous

Same problem. Freon leak that can't be fixed. Bought new home beginning of 15 and these were installed. Quit working Nov 16. Called builder and of course, no extended warranty. Whirlpool said FU. Spent $400 with 2 repairmen and works for 3 weeks then leaks out. Unfortunately I have to buy another one to replace this because it matches the fridge. What a POS.

Feb 19, 2017
bad buy
by: Anonymous

bought the side kicks last year for new kitchen but nothing but problems . first repair still .within the year so whirlpool coverd that 450.00 . freezer went out a week or two after but whirlpool agreed to cover repair as well . must say the worst appl. ever in 47 yrs of marriage .

Feb 10, 2017
by: Angela

I have the SideKick Refrigerator and we had it repaired years ago my Whirlpool bad compressor within a year of owning. Now for the last year I've been fighting with a Freon Leak. My husband is very handy and can't get it to stop leaking. Woke up this morning to Fridge being 60 degrees not hopeful that it can be fixed after reading all of these complaints. Same problem here!

Jan 05, 2017
Never buy Whirlpool products please.....
by: Mario

Same Problems.
Just after the guarantee expired, we start loosing food. We did contact Whirlpool to come check. A technician came and he told us it will be an expensive repair but Whirlpool won't pay for it....
In fact Whirlpool don't back theirs products and Whirlpool don't care about their clients.
We redesigned our kitchen for those side by side units.
Now we will buy better quality appliance

Sep 16, 2016
Sidekick down again
by: Seabrook

EL87TRRRV06 and EV187NYRV05
Fridge and freezer from Lowes who designed the kitchen and have a custom cabinet space that is a bit to small for most other side by sides. But units had the extended warranty and we had the repair people out with regularity. There was electric shorts in the light bulb in the fridge. The freezer had to have the compressor replaced. Leaking issues. The refrigerator stopped cooling. Lowes did all they could but like many other was told a sealed unit and cannot fix the leak.

Aug 29, 2016
Class Action?
by: Dan

Like many others my fridge just began it's problems. I'm starting to realize that my nightmare is just beginning. I'm not sure if my problem is the same as others. I'm getting a wall of ice build-up in the lower back of the fridge which ends up blocking the vents and raising the temperature in the upper part of the fridge. Is this common with the coolant leak? Also, has a class action been filed? I can't believe a company would continue to sell a defective unit.

Feb 05, 2016
I'll Never Buy Whirlpool Again!
by: Jane

When my husband and I built our new house in 2006 we bought all new appliances. I purchased the Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator and within a year I had nothing but trouble with it. First there was a freon leak, which I finally got the company to pay for part of the repairs, but I was treated like complete garbage from everyone that I spoke to. Now, I've been without a refrigerator for a month because it has stopped working all together. We think it's the fan motor because the bottom was cold but the upper portion of warm. As soon as I can I will need to buy another appliance and I can guarantee you it will not be a Whirlpool! My father owned an appliance repair business for over 40 years and before he passed he said Whirpool had lost the quality they were known for and he was right.

Dec 20, 2015
Junk Products
by: Anonymous

My whirlpool refrigerator is having the same cooling issues. Will not buy another whirlpool. They are junk.

Dec 04, 2015
Freon Death of Sidekick
by: Deborah

We have had our Sidekicks for about 6 years and the refrigerator was pronounced unrepairable due to an internal freon leak yesterday. This is clearly a flawed product. There are hundreds of people complaining of the same thing on the internet and Whirlpool can't deny that this is a pattern of shoddy quality. They should step up to the plate and do something to fix the design and to compensate the customers who were sold these units when the freon problems were well known.

Sep 07, 2015
just checked parts lists
by: Anonymous

Looks like I can put my old door on the new box for the less expensive model (with the lock on the side (for lunchrooms, etc))

old set fridge: EL7ATRRMS07

Looks like hinge and door should be interchangeable.

not sure about sidekick models per se...
we bought the cheaper ones and paired them 10 years ago.

Sep 06, 2015
Have same problem ....
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried replacing the fridge box - but using the old door - so the 'built in' pair still matches??

am tryong to decide what to do because frigidaire is too tall for custom built in.

Jul 17, 2015
by: Jason

Same story as everyone else. Bought the fridge/freezer combo in June 2014. The fridge was spoiling food at an alarming rate and we finally had someone come look at it. It was wired wrong from the factory. Problem solved...

So, within a week the freezer stops freezing. Oct 2014 a service tech hauls off our freezer and when we get it back we got strap marks from being tied down, but at least it got cold. Freon leak...same as everyone else on here has complained of.

June 11, 2015 (the day before it went out of warranty) it stopped freezing again. Tech hauls it off and "fixes" it. But, this time it comes back with a big dent in the door. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

July 17, 2015 while waiting on the replacement door the freezer stopped freezing AGAIN.

I'm so done! I got a customer service questioaire and I let go with both barrels and complained about the product and customer service. I didn't get a single reply from Whirlpool.

If your thinking about buying a Whirlpool product...DON'T DO IT!!!! If you have to buy Whirlpool, buy it from Lowes. My service tech told me Lowes will REPLACE your appliances if there is a problem with it. No one else, including Whirlpool, will replace it. I will not buy another Whirlpool product again. Not so much because of the bad product, anyone can get a lemon. I won't buy because Whirlpool won't stand behind their product. Poor customer service!!!! I wish I could use the words to describe them, but I'll refrain.

Run away from Whirlpool!!!!!!

May 26, 2015
Similar Problems too
by: Orange County CA

We actually purchased our Whirlpool units in 2002 and guess we are lucky. After about 5yrs the repairs started. Leaking from inside the fridge. The inside drainage tube would clog and we would have a pool of water both inside fridge and on the floor. The repairman would come out and unclog the line, but 2wks later, clogged again. Very inconvenient and not to mention the damage to my hardwood floors.

Also from time to time we would have cold spots inside the fridge, freezing our eggs and milk.. And just as sudden as it would freeze, all of a sudden it didn't.

Fast forward to 2014 (yes I still have them, surprisingly), now the freezer isn't draining inside, causing that same pool of water inside the freezer, only the pool of water freezes and you can't pull the freezer basket out to get the food out... Arrrrggghh..! So in order to pull the drawer out, I have to Ge a hammer and ice pick (after completely unloading the frozen food out of the basket first) and crack the ice and removing it this way. But 2 weeks later it's back..

I absolutely love the look of our units and will replace both in the next year but do not want another problematic pair. Can anyone recommend another manufacturer with a better product. Cannot afford Sub-Zero or I would invest in one of those..

Mar 04, 2015

Stainless Sidekicks purchased 2009. Freeon leak one year ago repairman fixed, happened again today.Cost of $225 each time.Lucky to get same repairman that knows how to repair. Problem starts by everything freezing, turn down thermostat then quits cooling just runs. Remodeled my entire kitchen around the sidekicks to look built in. So now nothing else will work. Whirlpool says tough luck in their own longspeak!!

Feb 24, 2015
same issues with freon
by: Theresa

I built a house in 2009 and purchased these side-kicks. Freon leak about a year ago and had unit charge /filled, again 3 months ago. Fridge stopped cooling again!!! Not sure what I will do. Has anyone had any luck with the company?

Dec 04, 2014
Same old issues
by: Anonymous

I'm interested if anyone has had success in getting Whirlpool to stand behind their products? The fridge is blowing warm air. I purchased the extended warranty when the unit was 3 yrs old and they had to replace the compressor. Now, 1.5 years later we are having the same issue. Purchased the extended warranty again, only to have it cancelled because no repair shops in the area want to work with the warranty company. I called Whirlpool and they told me all about their quality products, but there is nothing they can do for me. I'm interested in any joint claim, pressure towards Whirlpool.

Oct 18, 2014
Here's a fix for your fridge
by: Poolman

I have a pair of the same curved top Sidekicks. Freezer has never been a problem, but fridge developed the same small leak internally, where it cannot be fixed. My appliance repair guy installed a Schrader valve to the Freon line in the back of the unit. Now, whenever the fridge starts to warm up, (about every two months,) I recharge the system with a little shot of Freon from the auto parts store. It takes 2 minutes, and I don't have to appliance shop!

Sep 29, 2014
by: Ken

Our sidekick fridge is 3 years old - based on these comments, it lasted longer than some. Unbelievable that we spent this kind of money for junk. Been fighting with Whirlpool for almost 2 months now. The first four weeks we lived out of coolers - camping in my own kitchen. If not for the generosity of the local appliance center we bought the unit from, we would still have coolers in my kitchen. He supplied a small fridge - free of charge - to put in the hole until whirlpool decides what they are going to do. They r telling him it costs too much to repair - really? After only 3 years?

Sep 18, 2014
Model changes
by: Cindy

We have the freezer and ref. refrigerator not working and unable to be fixed. They have change style look. So we will have to buy both again. Our set had an arch look to it. The new ones r square and they no longer have any arch ones.

Sep 16, 2014
Ain't nobody got time for this!
by: Madmommaoffour

Whirlpool, step up and do something!!!! I just had my fridge start blowing warm air this morning. It has been freezing up off and on all summer and now it's warmer than the kitchen!!!! The silly freezer has been making a clicking sound since purchased. What a bunch of garbage. What can we do????

Sep 06, 2014
Us too
by: Anonymous

Yep. We were just told the same thing yesterday about our Sidekick refridgerator. Not worth repairing. And like many of you, have the matching set. Our house was built with specs for this set!! Now I will be stuck with unmatched units. Bring on the class action lawsuit!!!

May 22, 2014
kicked sidekick
by: Anonymous

Same situation here. Replaced the freon and compressor at about 2 yrs old and again today it is acting up. POS. Leke everyone says... what do you do when the fridg and freezer match? Bad situation. Whirl pool needs to step up to the plate and do something for so many unhappy people.

May 22, 2014
Class action
by: Brandi

Looking into starting a class action lawsuit regarding the sidekicks. The Supreme Court just upheld one against Whirlpool on a different appliance. Anyone interested post a message!

Mar 14, 2014
Will never by Whirlpool again
by: John F

Our freezerless refrigerator is approx 7-8 years old and we to have had nothing but problems. We had repair tech out less than a year ago to replace line with pin hole as well as add freon and it has stopped working again! $500 repair bill and didn't even last a year. What a piece of shit. I will never but Whirlpool again.

Jul 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I see a pattern developing here. Our Whirlpool sidekick circa July 2009 started leaking Freon and will not stay cold. The repair GUYS, yes all of them mentioned "SEALED UNIT" and "KNOWN PROBLEM". After much BS and hoopla with repairs, extended warranty and run around I think it's time Whirlpool stepped up and addressed this issue. I have been two months here in the midst of summer with no fridge. Whirlpool you have just lost another customer for life. See you in small claims!

Jul 15, 2013
by: Kim

We moved into our new home Dec. 2010 - everything was just as we ordered and we were so happy. Our SideKicks were manufactured Aug. 2010 so when the refrigerator stopped cooling, we thought it would be nothing to repair. Why, because it's Whirlpool/Maytag/Kenmore; the appliances sold by Sears - these all were reputable companies years ago and my mother swore by them. Now, I just want to swear at them.

The first time the refrig "died", was February 2012. Sears would do nothing because it was over one year old....Are you kidding me???? So a local repairman did the freon, worked on the coils,and our pocket for $295, he informed us it may be ok but his company has seen this a lot from the previously mentioned brands. And, they don't stand by the products so the consumer ends up with a lovely stainless steel storage closet.

The refrigerator experienced another "warm slow death" March 2012. This repair man outright told us not to have it repaired. This time it was the compressor. The freon was a little low but not for it to be blowing warm air. All for a minimal $75 charge.

Now we have a SK Freezer and a large hole next to it. You know what they say, sidekicks usually die not long after the other. GREAT. Then I can go get a real refrigerator/freezer and have matching storage closets along with a renovated kitchen.

What a nightmare......Thanks Sears for standing behind a bunch of lemons. I will no longer shop at Sears or buy from any of the manufactuers above.

Oct 31, 2012
just lost our refrigerator
by: Anonymous

our sidekicks are 2004 models. we were just told that our refrig cannot be repaired so we bought another one but the handle is totally different. now what? we are faced with buying another freezer even though this one works for now anyway. this is a crime.

Oct 16, 2012
last response is correct regarding whirpool
by: ellen johnson

First let me say that we started this review about the sidekick freezer/refrigerator. I must admit that I'm sorry I did not mention to all, how we corrected the problem so we could continue to use my sidekick fridge. As I stated in the beginning our repairman stated that the fridge was not reparable due to the poor design of the fridge, and the lack of response from whirlpool but he installed a connection that allowed him to refill the Freon, but told me it would probably leak out soon, as it did 2 months later. My husband then got the idea that he could refill the Freon with regular car air conditioning Freon that contained special anti leak additives, using that special connection that the repairman installed. To our surprise the fridge has continued to work for the last 2 years, and in addition it has worked better then even when it was new (the temp control actually controls the temp from freezing stuff to keeping it at the correct temp, when set to something less then the max. Bottom line is that this may work in some cases, if your desperate like we were. Also I think that the govt should be going after whirlpool for building a product that freely releases Freon into our atmosphere. As to the final comment about all the subdivisions of whirlpool (like Maytag) we had multiple problems with our Maytag washer also (which they did repair only because of a class action law suit brought against them for the very same problems we had with our washer). This is my last response regarding anything Whirlpool (or their sub divisions) since like most of you I won't ever buy anything from this company but also wont buy anything made from any division of Whirlpool, since the manufacturing philosophy is the same across the board, which is build junk and hope you the customer doesn't have enough energy to bother you when it stops working.

Oct 16, 2012
by: Tom@indiana

I may have to take back about not getting another Whirlpool. Looking at this company cross reference link :
it looks like Whirlpool now owns Amana, Maytag, and WC Wood. They also make some Sears Kenmore products.

Oct 16, 2012
Stay Clear
by: Tom@indiana

Back in 2003 when we were building a new house we purchased the sidekicks which only started showing problems in 2011. Our Freezer had a 10 year warranty and the matching Refrigerator had a five year warranty. In 2011 the Freezer would not freeze so we called the local repair place for Whirlpool. They came out and added freon and then told me about that the side panel coils might be leaking as there was no visible compressor oil around compressor area. We came home from work Friday (Oct 2012) and the floor was all wet around the Freezer. The Freezer temp was 47 F. Called the repair people and sure enough the compressor ended up being dead. It is still under warranty but since it was low on freon before I suspect getting it repaired is only a short term solution which will just be enough to get it out of the 10 year warranty. Even the repair guy said it would most like be a short term solution. I really do not want to ruin another freezer full of food. Of course we got our sidekicks in black so even if we got a new side kick freezer it would not match the refrigerator as they only come in stainless or white. Also the new ones only come with a 1 year warranty so it shows you how much faith they have in the product now. To make matters worse our refrigerator runs all the time just to keep it at 40 F which is as low as it will go now so I suspect it is low on freon as well. Too bad as they looked really nice and we built our kitchen around them. After reading all these problems with the sidekicks the next brand to replace these will not be Whirlpool.

Apr 24, 2012
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have had the Whirlpool Sidekick fridge and freezer for four years. My fridge stopped working and I am forced to buy a new one and a freezer because they match. The coolant is leaking in the sealed system and Whirlpool says it's out of their warrenty.

I also had purchased a Maytag clothes washer about the same time and that had nothing but problems from the start.

I will never again purchase anything from that company!!

Jan 16, 2012
POS from the very beginning
by: Anonymous

Well I am on my 4th compressor in the freezerless refrigerator and it is starting to freeze everything again.

3 Thermostats, 4 compressors and Whirlpool could care less.

We also have one of their double ovens. The 1st week we had it the digital read out failed, then a few months later the control board went out, it is starting to screw up again by turning itself off and after 2 days will come back on.

NEVER buy whirlpool, it is JUNK!

Nov 27, 2011
Upset with this product
by: Anonymous

I can't believe all that I am reading about this freezerless refrigerator!!! Whirpool is not standing by their product!!

I also bought this product and I'm stuck with the freezer!! I don't want to buy another refrigerator to match up to the freezer. Now, I have to buy something that will not match up to what I have.

Don't buy this product!!! Whirlpool wake up and stop selling a 1,500 hundred dollar freezerless refrigerators that are poorly manufactured appliance!!! Do not buy this product and write Whirlpool a complaint letter!!!

Nov 24, 2011
Buyer's Remorse
by: saintgeorgegirl

Our builder thought our Whirlpool freezerless refrigerators were wonderful and on his recommendation we bought them. Too bad we didn't read the reviews.

They are great looking units and they mimic the style of a more expensive brand. In fact a lot of people have mistaken for them (didn't we look ritzy). Too bad they don't work.

We have had cooling problems with both the freezer and fridge and have replaced the compressor once in the freezer. It is now THANKSGIVING morning and the freezer has stopped working again. Now I get to worry about it all day and try to find neighbors that will store my food on THANKSGIVING. Yeah, who has room in there freezer on Thanksgiving?

I can now either throw
another $500 dollars at it, try to find a replacement or have my cabinets remodeled to fit a different unit that WILL work. Don't buy them!

If you do make sure you have neighbors that will store your food. I will NEVER EVER buy another whirlpool again.

Oct 28, 2011
Another unfixable freon leak
by: Lisbeth

I've have my second set of Sidekicks for 3 years this month. The first set were damaged in a hurricane. Last week the refrigerator stopped cooling. I was told it was unfixable and Whirlpool isn't interested in taking responsibility. Any one filing a class action lawsuit? Count me in.

Oct 08, 2011
Whirlpool sidekick
by: Ill. customer

Sidekick is sure was five complaint calls in the first year of owning it two and a half years later the sidekick refrigearator freeon leaked out. Had two repair men come out at 70 dollars an hour to tell me the unit was no longer good I paid 1900 dollars for a unit that lasted two and a half years you do the math. I will never buy another product from whirlpool sincerely,
pissed off.

Oct 08, 2011
Whirlpool sidekick
by: Ill. customer

Sidekick is sure was five complaint calls in the first year of owning it two and a half years later the sidekick refrigearator freeon leaked out. Had two repair men come out at 70 dollars an hour to tell me the unit was no longer good I paid 1900 dollars for a unit that lasted two and a half years you do the math. I will never buy another product from whirlpool sincerely,
pissed off.

Sep 09, 2011
Whirlpool Sidekick
by: Gomez

My sidekick pooped out after 2 years. It sprung a freon leak also. I called the warranty department and they broke the sad news that it had no sealed system warranty.

So, I SIDEKICKED it to the trash and will never ever buy a whirlpool product again.

Jun 12, 2011
Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator E187trrrvo5
by: texas

We have had the same problem with our Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless frige not cooling.

I'm stuck because I also have the freezer!!!!

I had the same problem with a Whirlpool water heater....that we got awarded $65 for years of trouble we had!!!

May 26, 2011
Whirlpool is a Bad Company that Makes Bad Products
by: Anonymous

I had same problem with the sealed lines on the side of the fridge that were unrepairable.

I had to go and buy a refrigerator that looks nothing like the other, but after 2 months without a fridge I had no choice.

Whirlpool...you are a poor manufacturer and you will reap what you sow.

May 20, 2011
Our sentiments exactly
by: Anonymous

This is a bad product, and Whirlpool will not stand behind it. Evidently we were 'lucky' because ours lasted 4.5 years.

The repair person (certified for Whirlpool) was surprised that the 'sealed system' was not under at least a 5 year warranty. We're back starting from scratch again for all of the same reasons. We will also never purchase another Whirlpool product.

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May 05, 2011
SideKick Refrig has to be Kicked to the Curb
by: Florida

Same issues as other comments. Putting the coils in the side walls allows for no access. This is a pretty expensive disposable refrigerator.

Unfortunately I have the MATCHING freezer so now I am stuck trying to find another SideKick to fit in the built-in space and book end the freezer.

Poor design which Whirlpool should take responsibility for. They should also be a bit more savvy to prorate or give credit to customers who have had this problem. I bet there are more of us.

My 27 cu ft Kennmore Side by Side worked fine for years...replaced it with the kitchen remodel. Had I known- I might have gone with another brand.

Feb 01, 2011
More Problems with Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator EL87TRRRV05
by: jeffcutlerbelaire@yahoo.com

February 1, 2011

For the last week my Whirlpool freezerless refrigerator Model #EL87TRRRV05 Sidekick has not been cooling at all.

I called the local whirlpool service center and they said that to start diagnosing the problem, it would cost $120.00 for adding a coolant with flourescent dye that they could come back and check for leaks in one week or more. Not to fix, only to START diagnosing!

I thought to call Whirlpool direct while the tech waited to just quickly see if there have been ongoing problems or a recall with this same model. I was reassured that there were no problems with the model, no recalls, and no complaints from any customers.

I went ahead with the diagnosing repair. After I paid for the repair and the tech left, I thought to bing why not search for "model el87trrrv05". Low and behold the very first search is the complaint by Ellen J. in Schohrie, NY with the exact problem; coolant loss within about two years. It's been exactly 2 years and one month for my model.

I am calling the company as I write this. I am told that less than 10% of their products have any type of problem. I told them that it's only the ones that are recorded or ever put in the computer.

I'm on hold but my next question for them is that if my model has had more problems than 10%, would they do something. I don't think they will give me the number of problem cases because they only give their people that I've I called and no other information on their computer screen.

We all know how companies and department heads work to make the company or department better than it is. I plan to push my complaint to every manager possible. I am a manager of 25 years so I know this works.

They should have better information for customers that put trust in their company. I'm not saying that Whirlpool is a bad company. I am just saying that if whirlpool and all companies similar don't fix problems and issues like this quality control problem especially when they relate to the customers they work to serve, Whirlpool, this could be the beginning of the down fall.

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