Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator - EL87TRRRV05

by Jeff C.

For the last week my Whirlpool SideKick freezerless refrigerator (model #EL87TRRRV05) has not been cooling at all.

I called the local Whirlpool service center and they said that to start diagnosing the problem, it would cost $120.00 for adding a coolant with flourescent dye that they could come back and check for leaks in one week or more. Not to fix, only to START diagnosing.

I thought to call Whirlpool direct while the tech waited to just quickly see if there have been ongoing problems or a recall with this same model. I was reassured that there were no problems with the model, no recalls, and no complaints from any customers. I went ahead with the diagnosing repair.

After I paid for the repair and the tech left, I thought to search for "model el87trrrv05". Low and behold the very first search is the complaint by Ellen J. in Schohrie, NY. That she has the exact problem; coolant loss within about two years. it's been exactly 2 years and one month for my model.

I am calling the company as I write this. I am told that less than 10% of their products have any type of problem. I told them that it's only the ones that are recorded or ever put in the computer.

I'm on hold but my next question for them is that if my model has had more problems than 10%, would they do something. I don't think they will give me the number of problem cases because they only give their people that I've I called zero information on their computer screen.

We all know how companies and department heads work to make the company or department better than it is. I plan to push my complaint to every manager possible. I am a manager of 25 years.

They should have better information for customers that put trust in their company. I'm not saying that Whirlpool is a bad company. I am just saying that if Whirlpool and all companies similar don't fix problems and issues like this quality control problem especially when they relate to the customers they work to serve, Whirlpool, this could be the beginning of your down fall.

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Comments for Whirlpool SideKick Freezerless Refrigerator - EL87TRRRV05

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Nov 28, 2021
Ours broke too. 4 years old. NEW
by: Matt and Angie

Very disappointed.

Dec 02, 2018
Refrigerator in the Sidekick Set... NEW
by: Elizabeth

I have the same not cooling problem as the rest of you.
UGH... too much money to be this annoying.

I’ve been having issues with it for 2 years and have replaced seals and all. Nothing has worked so I must get a new one.

Oct 10, 2015
Whirlpool problems
by: Steve

I also have the same model refrigerator as u that I purchased in 2008. It was only a couple months after the warranty ended that it stopped cooling ... I called Whirlpool to complain about it because it was so close to the warranty time and they offered to give me a little discount on a new compressor ... After about four days of waiting for a repair man the refrigerator started working again on its own . Now about two or three times a year it will just stop cooling for 2 to 4 days .. ... It's really a pain because everything in the refrigerator gets spoiled .. It's been really frustrating

Jul 23, 2014
new sidekicks
by: nancy

sorry to hear that you have the same problems as the rest of us. I recommend ordering your appliances from gochnauers. they had the best prices from anywhere I can find.

Jul 23, 2014
Sidekick Failure
by: Anonymous

Same problem as others have stated. Frigerator purchased on 12-7-12 and today is 7-23-14. Unit started getting warm and has held a 55' degree temp for the past few days. Called in a serviceman and was told there is a slow leak in the sealed system. So far, besides the original cost of unit (1,100) we are out 60$ for service call. Was told unit can be taken into shop for 175$ upfront so they can take it apart and try to fix the issue. That said, quote was between 300-600$ to fix with no guarantee it would work for a long time after. Said quote was for parts and labor. Also told it could be something low cost and minor, would not know until unit taken apart and looked at. Well, at this point, we could buy a new one and take our chances (same thing). I looked on the Whirlpool website at their refrigerator warranties and on the warranty there is a box that says "second thru fifth year full warranty on sealed refrigeration system) YET, the manual I received does not have that same paragraph under the first year warranty description. MY OPINION, the company knew of this issue and did not add the extra paragraph because they knew the sealed system would fail within that time frame. I do believe a class action lawsuit might bring some results or at least get the word out. I noticed there are some others out there as well for other Whirlpool items. BEWARE AND DO NOT BUY A SIDEKICK.

Sep 11, 2013
Another Sidekick failure
by: Nancy

We purchased and installed our Whirlpool Sidekicks in early 2005. We have had numerous problems with the drains in each unit clogging. I am now a pro at un-clogging them. However, last month our refrigerator stopped cooling. I had a tech out to fix it, and it worked perfectly for 2 days, then stopped cooling again. He determined that it was an unrepairable leak within the sealed system. We decided to replace both units, although we did confirm that the doors on the old model were interchangeable with the new model. We chose not to do that for fear of (1) invalidating our 1 year warranty, and (2) of our freezer breaking soon and having a similar problem with style changes. I was able to get a very good deal from Gochnauer's in PA, $1176/unit. But still disappointed that new appliances don't have a longer life, and that Whirlpool doesn't stand behind it's product.

Jul 05, 2013
My Whirlpool SideKick Fridge Quit Cooling too
by: Shane Ludwig

I have had the same exact problem with my Whirlpool SidKick EL87TRRRV05 Fridge. I purchased it in November of 2008 and about 1 week ago (Week of June 24th, 2013), it stopped cooling.

Unfortunately Whirlpool did not stand behind their product and what is worse, I cannot find a new fridge to replace the one I have so now I have to replace my entire Freezer and Fridge so that I can get a complete set that fits together in my space. Probably will set me back around 3,000.00.

Needless to say everyone, DO NOT buy any more Whirlpool products unless you are a risk taker and want to chance not having a working product after the initial year warranty and they will tell you...."We are sorry, but unfortunately the time is past your warranty and so there is nothing we can do"

Folks, a good quality fridge should last 12+ years on the average.

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