Whirlpool Refrigerator Review of model SR4440354

by Ed B.
(Arnold, MD, USA)

I bought a Whirlpool refrigerator model SR4440354 from Costco. The refrigeration works fine and the unit made it through the warranty period.

The ice maker is the main problem. It would stop making ice after the bin was emptied. After some fooling with the unit it would start producing ice again. After emptying the bin about a month ago (January 2011) it stopped completely.

I called Whirlpool and they will not help. It is out of warranty.

I do not recommend anyone purchase a Whirlpool refrigerator.

In addition to the ice maker problem, the drawers are made of a brittle plastic that has already cracked and are becoming useless and the plastic on the interior wall of the refrigerator is cracking.

I have only owned the refrigerator for 2 years. At close to a $1000 I had hoped to use it a little longer.

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