Whirlpool Refrigerator ed5lvaxwb

I bought this Whirlpool refrigerator 8 months ago and have had problems with the ice dispenser all along.

First, when ice drops into the container, it is very loud. Perhaps that is because it is on the door? That, I can live with.

The main issue is that the mechanism that drops the ice from the dispenser through the door continually freezes up and the dispenser will not work. It is very difficult to simply take the container out and empty--look for and remove a stuck cube--because the container itself freezes in place.

Out comes the ice pick and blow dryer and mop and at least a good hour of chipping away.

Finding time to have the repair man come out, with the 4 hour window, is not easy! Thank goodness there is a one year warranty.

All I can say is purchase the extended if you are getting this refrigerator. I have called twice, and all that has been done is removing the frozen ice. Soon I'll have the same problem.

Don't expect to be able to switch from cube to crushed; the crushed makes "snow" that freezes it up that much faster.

The first repair man said this problem is common to this design.

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