whirlpool gx2fhdxvyo9

by Thomas
(Hadley, Pa. US)

My Whirlpool GX2fhxvyo9 looks great but don't be fooled!!

My Whirlpool GX2fhxvyo9 looks great but don't be fooled!!

I bought Whirlpool stainless steel looking appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator and electric stove) in Feb. 2013.

Let me start by saying that the dishwasher and stove are still working great and we are truly pleased with those 2 items. Though it's not the same story with our fridge.

The refrigerator has had 3 major problems:

1. The first problem being the compressor needed to be completely replaced. Thankfully it was prior to our 1 year warranty expiring but that should've been a warning sign for us!

2. Believe it or not there is rust forming on the lower freezer door. It's called stainless steel which I would've thought that would cover rustless as well but I was completely wrong there. (Who knew stainless steel could rust?!?!)

**There currently is no rust anywhere else on the refrigerator, nor stove or dishwasher for that matter but it's still bothersome that it is on the fridge to begin with!

When I reached out to the company I was told by whirlpool representative "Deborah" that we were not to use paper towels to clean the appliances as the paper towels are made of fiber and can scratch the surface and lead to rust. Why then is there no rust anywhere else?? No rust on the other appliances.

No reply from "Deborah". She will send a bottle of cleaner and it will brighten the finish and remove some of the rust. I guess we will have shiny rust spots; I asked for additional bottles as I can use it on my vehicles and will never worry about rust on them again.

Statement was also made that she didn't know the condition in which the refrigerator was being kept or used. What does that mean?

It is plain to see that there is some lack of quality material being used. Whirlpool knows this and that is why they only have a 30 day cosmetic warranty. (Crazy right?! They cover the expensive parts for a year but the finish for only 30 days!!)

Happy with the other 2 appliances but not happy that within a year there is a major break down and rust.

Extremely dissatisfied with customer service and the bull that they tried to feed me!

If you're seriously considering buying a Whirlpool appliance you may want to change that thought to a company that doesn't tell you that using a paper towel may cause it to rust!!

If I were you I would consider any other company than Whirlpool!!

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