Whirlpool GX2FHDXVY French Door Refrigerator

by Ava
(Washington, D.C. )

Overall I'm pleased with my Whirlpool French door refrigerator.

I think it's a good price/performer (although its long-term dependability is yet to be known, I've had it about 1 year).

It's one of the few French door models to fit a 33" wide space. The interior space is very flexible due to half-width shelves.

The somewhat minor irksome details:

  1. Icemaker is quite noisy(water inlet valve)

  2. The featured "can dispenser" which fits in the door is useless to me since I don't purchase soda in cans, it just wastes valuable door space.

  3. For some reason the door shelves are built such that you cannot really use all the door space (only the can dispenser reaches the door bottom).

  4. I added an outboard water filter so my ice would be clear, the refrigerator does not come with water filter.

  5. The user guide is not very good - unclear assembly instructions, and it is supposed to cover various models so you don't always know what information applies to the model you purchased.

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