Whirlpool Gold GD5SHAXNS00 Side by Side Refrigerator

by W.

Bought the Whirlpool Gold side-by-side in 2004. Until it started failing, it was a great refrigerator. It looks great, is very easy to clean, and has very usable interior space and shelving.

I replaced the main control board in 2009. Apparently it had a lousy board design where when an interior light bulb burns out, traces on the board get overloaded and it burns out in a specific area. "Fortunately" it was such a common problem that I was able to find discussions and solutions in various appliance forums by searching on the internet.

Just this week, the fridge failed again. This time the compressor ceased up and it is no longer worth repairing. This fridge was the best fridge I've owned, but the short 5.5 years life-span is not worth the price tag.

For reliability reasons, my replacement refrigerator will NOT be a Whirlpool or any other brands manufactured under the same parent company.

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Oct 10, 2012
Side x Side Manufactured in April 2005
by: Anonymous

I replaced the ice maker earlier this year 2012 and now in October 2012 the freezer and refrigerator compartments are not cooling properly. It sound like the compressor is making alot of noise which means failing or failed. The cost to replace the compressor alone is too high not including the cost for a certified technician to install the compressor. The life of the fridge is way too short. I won't buy a whirlpool fridge again.

Mar 30, 2010
whirlpool gold side by side fridge
by: Anonymous

My compressor also went in less than 7 years. I too will not replace it with a whirlpool. My fridge was also the gold series. Seems like a fridge in that price line should last a few more years.

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