Whirlpool Fridge W8RXE6GWQO

by S. Weiss
(Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

I will never purchase anything made by whirlpool or the other names owned by whirlpool. I had to buy another fridge 4 months after I purchased a fridge- YOU CAN GUESS I DID NOT BUY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL.

I bought a brand new fridge in Oct/09 and it kept freezing top items but milk on the bottom shelf was always sour. Had the service guy come out twice and everything was fine with compressor and other parts.

After much arguing with the retailer that sold it to me, the subcontractor repair service and Whirlpool since no one would take responsibility and all blamed the other as to who could authorize a "return order".

The third visit by the repairman..(and he shared he found out from the US service department the fridge trays have no way to avoid being pushed to the back of fridge so cold air does not get to the bottom of the fridge if the trays or food end up being pushed too far back)...$100's of dollars later in spoiled food and still no one would issue the return order so I was supposed to make sure no one ever touched the trays and that no one pushed food to the back of a tray in case the air flow was blocked !!!!

I went to the retailer a couple months after I bought it and the one on display said discontinued!!!I wonder why!!

I have never lost my cool with anyone related to sales/services as they are only employees but the Whirlpool customer service line did it to me finally! I asked to speak to a supervisor and they offered to send me $100.00 for my troubles!!! That was in Jan/10 and I still haven't got the cheque. There was no follow up and I had to phone them again today !!!!

I was told I would get a cheque in about 6 weeks!! I have gone out of my way to tell everyone of the very poor customer service I have received.

I feel sorry for people who may have had the same inefficient fridge and are stuck with it because they can't afford another fridge.

I will go out of my way to make sure any future appliances I purchase are not under the Whirlpool umbrella of names.

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