We Love Our Amana AFD2535DEW

by C F Greene
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

We purchased our Amana French door refrigerator about 5 years ago and have been fairly happy with it ever since.


  • The built in water filter does a fantastic job. Our local city water is very hard and reaques of chlorine, especially in the summer. This filter is unbelievable. I thought we would be changing it quarterly if not monthly, but no way. I change this filter once a YEAR. That's right, every 12 months! The only reason I change it once a year is just because if I went any longer, I wouldn't remember how to do it.


  • The door handles are poorly fit to where you might expect them to come off even though they never have.

  • Our biggest complaint is the ice maker. We have had to turn the freezer control to it's highest setting (7) and it still won't keep up with our ice demands. There are three adults in the house so I would not say that our ice demands are unusual.

  • Oh yes, I almost forgot. We were advised to get a specific sized needle valve tap assembly for the ice maker, which we did, along with running the required copper tubing.

  • The freezer drawer rails were lubricated with some sort of black grease, which ends up everywhere. When it gets on the floor and is stepped on, well, you can imagine the mess that causes. It is not too bad to get up off the linoleum, but the carpet is another matter entirely!

  • We also have problems with the freezer drawer getting stuck. If you manage to get it open, you probably won't get it closed. I weigh a little over 250 pounds so when I have to help opening or closing it, we know it's time to take it all apart. You have to remove everything from the freezer and then remove the drawer assembly.

  • Next, use an old toothbrush and start cleaning out the gear teeth and the gear track (on both sides). If you have ever been in boot camp, you know the drill.

My wife and I are in our 60's so this is a considerably difficult job for us.

I think our next refrigerator will be one with water and ice on the outside. At least that would cut the number of freezer drawer openings by a considerable number.

Sorry no pictures. Will try to get some for you next time.

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