Viking 36" Refrigerator (model #VCRB364RSS)

by Jeanne

When remodeling our kitchen in 2008, we chose the Viking all-refrigerator and all-freezer as the centerpiece of our project, despite the negative reviews I had read on the performance of Viking refrigeration products.

The refrigerator has been a constant source of aggravation. Just a day or two after installation, the refrigerator ceased cooling.

After a number of service calls (6 or 7, I believe) and several attempts to resolve the issue, it was determined that the compressor needed to be replaced. Given the number of repairs on what was a brand-new, high-dollar appliance, I insisted on a new refrigerator rather than another repair.

The representative from the Viking-authorized repair service tried to corner me into stating on record that I refused service, and likened the refrigerator to a "high-performance car" that often needs fine tuning to getting running properly. I reminded him of the lemon laws that apply to cars that never run properly, and I got my new refrigerator.

Fast forward to summer 2010. The refrigerator door is no longer swinging shut; without a firm shove, it closes far enough to prevent the alarm from going off, but not enough to keep the refrigerated air in. A number of times we found that
the temperature in the refrigerator had fallen low enough that we needed to discard perishables.

An authorized Viking repair shop was called. They indicated that the repair would not be covered under warranty, because we were beyond the two year initial warranty period.

I had to press for the third year of warranty service accorded to consumers who use a factory authorized installer. Several phone calls and 6 weeks later, the parts were all in and another repairman came to finalize the repairs.

In HIS opinion, however, the parts were not needed and a minor adjustment would solve the problem. Three months later, we are again having the same problem. This time it is neither a minor adjustment nor the parts ordered by the first repairman, but pieces related to the spring closure. Those have been on order for two weeks now.

I find it unbelievably aggravating that three people each have a different opinion as to the source of the problem, and that the parts each needs to carryout his solution are so difficult to come by. I have to question what constitutes "Viking Authorized Service."

Calls directly to Viking are equally unsatisfactory. It is clear to me that they are totally unconcerned with the consumer's post-purchase experience.

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May 14, 2023
Expensive Piece of Junk NEW
by: Anonymous

When we built our home in 2008 we installed this refrigerator along with the matching 36" freezer. The freezer has worked perfectly but the refrigerator has been absolutely horrible. The troubles began in 2016 which resulted in having all it's internal parts replaced other than the condenser. Fortunately the parts were under warranty and our cost was around $700 in labor. We thought our troubles were over. NOT! Since then the vertical drain line and drain pans have been replaced numerous times due to cracking and leaking inside the frig and behind the inside back panel. These parts are made of thin plastic rather than a more durable substance. I am now once again looking at my very expensive refrigerator that has froze up again after having these parts (which are over $100 each) replaced 2 months ago. I am ready to have it hauled away and replaced with a Sub Zero even though the two units will not match. Unfortunately the new Sub Zero 36" built in refrigerators will not be available for months. I wish I had purchased Sub Zero initially. The only decent Viking appliance we have in our home is the cook top and vent. Don't get me started on the ovens or barbeque....

Jul 31, 2021
Viking fridge ice forming NEW
by: Anonymous

I have viking prfessional series refrigerator and also keep getting ice formation at the bottom drawers.
Had multiple service repairs calls and didn't fix the problem.
Awful experience with service and Viking. Anyone else have problem…. Solution?

Jul 22, 2021
viking refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

I have viking prfessional series refrigerator, keep getting ice formation at the bottom drawers.
Had multiple service repairs calls and didn't fix the problem.
Awful service and repairs expensive and repeated hassel, authorized technicians are uninformed and fairly incompetent.

Jul 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

2006 36" refrigerator DFRB364R Door does not shut completely..freezing up in back of unit. Many service calls..Viking rep came to say unit is not Plumb and is making unit crooked and it has to be reinstalled????? If you want to email me please do. Unhappy in md.

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