Samsung Side by Side refrigerator stopped working

I bought a Samsung Side by Side refrigerator with Ice Maker and Water Dispenser and after four years icing up of the freezer actually caused the freezer to defrost, and caused the refrigerator the side to warm up.

We were really disappointed that our Samsung refrigerator did not hold up -- only four years old with normal everyday use. We will replace it and NOT with a SAMSUNG!

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Oct 22, 2013
Refrigetaro Stop working
by: Anonymous

We bough a Samsung refrigerator less than 4 years ago and now stop working.
I don't know what to do if sen it to fix it or buy another one
My old refrigerator last 12 years.
I'm very unhappy with Samsung refrigerators

Sep 13, 2011
Samsung SxS Refrig. IT SUCKS!!!
by: Anonymous

I bought a Samsung stainless steel side x side 25 cu. ft. refrigerator on sale & now 2 years later I know why it was so cheap.

It has frozen up on us three times now. We have to pull it out & throw away the food or hurry and throw what we can in our chest freezer, then carry it outside to allow it to defrost (we have wood floors in our dining room.) Not to mention taking the doors off to get it outside!!!

Then bring it back in and hook it up. This time the ice maker stopped working too. Time to go invest in something worth buying!!!

Jun 01, 2010
Don't Buy a Samsung Refrigerator
by: mccavour C

Don't buy a Samsung refrigerator. We have had our Samsung side by side for 3 years.

We started having problems after the first year!I would not recommend this piece of crap to anyone, unless you live with a repair man, otherwise it will end up costing you a fortune.

My Samsung refrigerator keeps freezing up and the ice maker takes three days to refill once emptied.

I am just getting ready to call the repair man again, third times a charm, somehow I doubt it. Time to replace the crap. I should have stuck with a known brand.

Jan 23, 2010
Don't Buy Samsung
by: Anonymous

We are currently replacing our Samsung Side-by-Side fridge, and it is not even 5 years old!

This fridge does not defrost properly. We have come home on many occasions to find a big puddle on the kitchen floor where some of it defrosted I would have gone through the drain but that part was froze up.

Can't tell you how many times we have had to defrost this thing with a hair dryer.

It has completely ruined our new laminate flooring. Not to mention the belly aches and wasted food that we have had because of the fridge not keeping at the right temperature.

Sure the cool digital display on the outside says it is cool, but the curdled milk and rancid chicken on the inside tells you otherwise.

Just recently threw away $40 worth of produce because the crisper draw froze everything, but had to toss the milk in the top part of the fridge because it was over 50 degrees on the top shelf.

So disgusted with this product. I will never buy Samsung again! I have had enough, and our new fridge comes this week.


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