Samsung RSG257AARS/XAA

We bought this 6 years ago. We really liked it initially, then the plastic on the shelves cracked, then the ice bucket would frost over and ice cubes all froze together. Fixed the frosting problem by replacing the ice chute door and spring which finally sealed the closure so air could not get in.

Now the freezer will not go below 20 deg F even though the display says -4 deg F. So ice cream becomes soft serve. Service man says there is a leak in the coolant lines or an obstruction and it is cheaper to replace than to have repairman isolate cause and fix.

Read of other refrigerators with same problem, a GE which was built by Samsung.
Checked all thermistors, and replaced main control board and still same problem.

We are going out to buy another refrigerator and will never buy a Samsung appliance again.

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