Nothing But Trouble: Amana arb9059cs Bottom Freezer Fridge

by Scott B.
(Southern Maryland, USA)

We have our Amana ARB9059cs bottom freezer for 9 years now and it has been nothing but trouble.

It seems like we fix one thing and something else breaks. Here is the litany of things that have gone wrong with this not very old fridge:

  1. The icemaker hose clamp was never tightened down and leaked water all over the floor and warped the hardwood floor.

  2. The plastic bits inside for the drawers and lids are constantly breaking and having to be replaced

  3. The freezer thermostat went making it impossible to properly regulate the temperature. Sometimes our ice cream is mush one day and hard as a rock the next!

  4. The refrigerator damper control went - I still don't even really know what this is but that's what the repair guy told us.

  5. The door seals don't work well making this once energy efficient refrigerator hard to keep cool

  6. The ice maker control arm broke

The list goes and on and on.

I'll never buy another Amana....

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