Not Buying Another Subzero Refrigerator...

by Terry

My current Sub Zero side by side refrigerator freezer is dying and the repair man told me repairs would be too costly and foolish to do on a 19 year old model and I'm not going to buy another Subzero refrigerator.

The space is built-in 48"wide, 84"H, and 24"D and I need to replace it.

Any ideas as to what I can replace it with. Don't care to waste thousands on a replacement SubZero, as this had a poor repair record and is so very expensive.

My problem is the space, what other brand will fit into the space?

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Comments for Not Buying Another Subzero Refrigerator...

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Dec 23, 2020
19 year old SubZero NEW
by: Gene M

I'm in the same boat as OP

!9 year old , $3500 to repair would be dumb in my opinion . When i purchased my subzero i thought i was buying a vastly superior unit ????

I am still looking , as replacing doesn't seem to have any really good options without major rework of my kitchen! . I will be smarter next time and not build myself into a box !

May 25, 2018
SubZero Replacments NEW
by: SameBoat

I have an old built-in 36" Sub Zero 561 that is not cooling very well and do not want to redo all of the cabinets to fit other brands. So I have explored all the brands on the market looking through all of their installation guides to document the required cut-out dimensions. The ONLY brands that will fit into an existing Sub Zero cabinet cut-out space is: Blue Star, GE Monogram and Kitchenaid.

Blue Star is in the same price range as Sub Zero however the interior is all stainless steel, shelves and drawers are all metal and glass.... no plastic. Since they are new in the refrigeration space there aren't any reviews as to repair rates yet.

After reading about the complaints/repair rates for the GE Monogram and Kitchenaid, I’m leaning towards Blue Star but it’ll be a very expensive gamble on a newcomer to the refrigeration arena. I like the interior design of the Blue Star over Sub Zero; it’s well thought out and no plastic drawers.

Mar 17, 2018
reasonable take away NEW
by: S B

Does anyone know of any company or individual that will TAKE OUT old sub Zero w/out costing a fortune??

Mar 30, 2016
Hi Ted
by: Terry

Please read the past comments that I have made in responding to the need to replace Sub Zero side by side refri/freezer. I was never happy with my overly expensive sub zero which was and continues to be excessively expensive. Try looking at Sears Kenmore PRO models. Actually made by Samsung. Or, see if Samsung produces one with your required measurements. I replaced my Sub Zero with the Seats Kenmore Pro model and except for a delay in the interior lights going on, I have been quite happy. Also, saved a bundle!

Mar 30, 2016
Replacing Sub Zero 590
by: Ted

I'm looking for a replacement for a 1991 Sub Zero 590 model. The 48" width and 84" height limits my choices. I cannot find much reviews on the Viking VCSB5483SS, Kitchenaid KBSD608ESS or GE ZISS480DHSS. These are the models that will fit in the dimension of the Sub Zero. Can anyone provide feedback on any or all these models? Thanks

Jan 17, 2016
subzero replacement
by: karen

i have a built in subzero model 550 that is 20 years old - H84" by W 36" by D 24" and do not want another subzero - it has to be replaced as it has stopped cooling.Pllease recommend other options that will fit in the space as the Subzero are much too expensive - thanks

Jan 12, 2015
sears kenmore pro refrigerator
by: Rosemary

Terry, thank you for your input. I will check the Sears refrigerator for dimensions. Do you recall the dimensions of your old subzero? Mine is 20 years old and is 36" wide. I think I looked at Sears a few years ago and was told it was an 1/2 wider than my cabinet would allow. But I will check again. Thank you again

Jan 12, 2015
There has got to be something that will fit
by: Terry Needel

Seriously, look at the Sears Kenmore Pro built in models. I was able to locate one with the same measurements as my old Sub Zero that was also built in with wood cabinetry to precisely fit the appliance. Everything fit fine. Just a bit of a problem removing the Sub Zero and moving into the kitchen the Sears Kenmore Pro. The monetary savings is huge. And the stainless front is more attractive than the custom cabinetry Sub Zero front. If the fit isn't exact, you can always have a cabinet or built in furniture craftsman make adjustments.

Jan 12, 2015
Subzero Replacement Issues
by: Rosemary

My problem is that my dying subzero is built into a wooden cabinet frame. The cabinet area above the refrigerator presents a problem because the current refrigerator has a grating above it which houses the motor. When that is removed the space will be empty. The current height is 82 inches and new refrigerators are not that tall. What do I do with the empty space? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Aug 15, 2014
Replacing Sub Zero
by: Terry

Hi everyone,
I am getting postings related to my comment about replacing a Sub Zero side by side refrigerator-freezer with h2o and ice dispenser on door from perhaps 4 years ago.
I did find a comparable stainless steel Kenmore Pro which was thousands of dollars cheaper and looks, fits, and worked out fine. It is actually manufactured by Samsung!
There is a slight delay in the refrigerator light going on after the door is opened, which I have learned to accept. No one was able to adjust the light timing and after checking the display models in the Sears appliance depts I realized that the delay is normal for this model.
So everyone needing a built in to replace the over priced, prone to repair Sub Zero should look at and consider purchasing the Kenmore Pro available at Sears.

Aug 15, 2014
Don't buy a Northland!!!!!!!!!
by: Arizona resident

Ours is just under 1 year old and have had 4 ice makers replaced and now it's totally not cooling...something with the thermostat ...whatever...had to remove all our food . They have to order parts which takes forever. Customer service is horrible! Never again will I ever buy and products made by Marvel

Aug 10, 2014
Also looking to replace SubZero
by: Anonymous

I have a 1990 SubZero model 550. It has been repaired many, many times. It's not energy efficient. But a new Sub is just too expensive. Any suggestions of other brands that would share the same dimensions. Must be single door refrigerator with hinges on right and freezer on the bottom.

Oct 01, 2011
Replacing Our Subzero Refrigerator
by: Penny

We have the same problem as Terry:
Need a new refrigerator, but not willing to fork over thousands of dollars on another Subzero.

However, the Subzero we have is 36 wide, 84 tall, and 24 deep. What can we replace this with that would fit into the place of our Subzero Refrigerator?

Sep 15, 2010
Here's a few options...
by: RefrigeratorPro Team


Here's a few possibilities that you can replace it with but just be aware that the only depth we could find was 25"-25.9".

Here's the few options we found:

  1. GE Profile PSB48YSX 48" Built-in Side by Side Refrigerator with 29.6 cu. ft. Capacity

  2. Northland 48SSW 48" Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator with White Aluminum Interior

  3. Northland 48SSS 48" Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Interior

Just click on any of the links to see more abot each of these refrigerators.

We wish we could have offered more solutions but all of the other options seemed to be Subzero.

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