My Subzero Freezerless Refrigerator Still Looks Fantastic...

by Brooke

Subzero Freezerless Refrigerator

Subzero Freezerless Refrigerator

My 10 year old Subzero freezerless refrigerator model #201R still looks fantastic. It doesn't come with a freezer instead I have a separate matching freezer on the other side of my kitchen.

It's a Sub Zero large capacity refrigerator is approximately 10 years old and it still looks like new. It has a huge amount of interior room. For the entire time I've it has been reliable.

It is a much better product than my previous Kenmore refrigerator. However, it cost close to $10,000 and the door doesn't seal properly if there is a small item in the way and it's hard to tell when this happens.

I have also noticed that there has been some mold on my food even though the thermometer says the temperature is fine. I had it repaired once and it was about $150 for the service call.

I would certainly consider another Sub Zero if I could afford it.

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May 03, 2012
We Too LOVE our Vintage Sub Zero units
by: Guy

We purchased a high end home in 2004. The previous owner was a very wealthy industrialist who built this home in the mid-sixties with no concerns regarding price and quality.

Our kitchen contains a pair of 201R and 201F sub zero units. The fronts are matched beautiful pieces of carved oak. We had to replace the evaporator in the fridge a few years back but everything else works like new...except lately the compressor on the fridge side knocks at start-up before quieting down.

Sub-Zero's telephone tech support thinks my suspicion about a worn bearing in the compressor motor might be correct, but I will wait before attempting to replace the compressor with a new one.

I was watching Ebay and let a few 200's go by as well as a few 600's (the 200s' replacement model). Now I don't see any! Too bad.

May 11, 2010
Subzero Refrigerators Look Great in Any Home
by: HeidiPro


What a great review on your refrigerator?!?! I know I would love to get myself a Subzero freezerless refrigerator as well though I don't have the $10k to spend.

We've heard lots of amazing things about Subzero refrigerators though your review was the first time we'd heard about some problems with an issue with mold. Did you ever get that problem taken care of?

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