My Sanyo Refrigerator is Great!

by Jill
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Sanyo Compact Refrigerator

Sanyo Compact Refrigerator

I think my Sanyo refrigerator (model SR-3770S) is great. I have had it for almost a year now and it's always been great.

It's the first small refrigerator I've had. While my other refrigerators were a lot more powerful, they were also a lot bigger. This is a great refrigerator for its size.

It's a black counter-high refrigerator that is actually a top freezer fridge.

While I really like it a lot, the one thing I don't love is that the drawer at the bottom doesn't always keep things cool enough. My milk always doesn't seem completely fresh when I put it in there.

Besides that, it's a good fridge, and the freezer is a nice touch. I keep otter pops in the ice cube drawer thing and they freeze up really fast.

It hasn't failed me yet and I would highly recommend it.

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