My Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Isn't Staying Cool!

by Vince

My Samsung side by side refrigerator isn't staying cool. The Samsung MODEL is RS267LASH. It's only 4.5 years old and while the freezer still works the refrigerator is warm

I've tried to get a repair company to make a service call and every time all I hear is that Samsung refrigerators are hard to work on. The one company that did respond had 2 repair technicians work on it for 3 hours and ended up leaving without repairing the unit.

My best guess is that we probably won't be seeing them again.

At this point in time I would not recommend buying a Samsung refrigerator.

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May 24, 2010
Samsung Refrigerators Can Be Hard to Fix
by: HeidiPro

We have heard many comments on how Samsung refrigerators can be hard to fix. Though I wonder if they have the same problems in other countries.

We've gotten some really rave reviews from owners in India so I wonder if the product they sell there is very different than here or if the repair people deal with many more of these refrigerators and find them easier to fix.

Either way we're so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time with such an expensive purchase. Let us know if you find a way to fix it.

The Refrigerator Pro Team

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