My LG French Door LFC25760SB Refrigerator Doesn't Work

by Horned Frog
(Eureka, IL)

My LG fridge started getting frost build up and I thought it was from my kids not closing it properly. Then I the freezer started not keeping things frozen.

I "reset" the freezer like they suggested. It helped a little, but after a couple of months it got worse.

I called one of the LG recommended service companies and they said it was a "sealed system leak" (this is a death sentence for a fridge).

Then he told me that while the sealed systems parts (compressor, condenser and evaporator)were still under warranty, the cost to repair my beautiful fridge would be $700!

I found that my LG refrigerator wasn't the only one with this problem, there were reports all over the net about the unreliability of LG fridges and the failure of LG (and just about any company) to stand behind their products.

What used to be a 20 year durable good, is no longer. Do yourself a favor and pass on by the LG fridges, by the way they also manufacture the Sears Kenmore Trio fridges, so avoid those too.

We have learned the hard way that a fridge is one item for which you should definitely purchase an extended warranty.

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Jan 27, 2018
Worthless Product NEW
by: John Kaufman

My new French door SS frig stopped working after 5 days. Three attempts to fix it by LG failed including disassembling it in my kitchen. LG customer service is terrible. The product is junk.

Dec 15, 2013
Same problems

We have the same model and same problem. Keep getting told that the problems have been corrected inthe new models. I was not really ready to purchase a new one but am tired if finding a flood on the floor if gone for several days.

Nov 28, 2012
My LG French Door LFC20745ST /02 Refrigerator doesn't work
by: Priyantha (Toronto)

I have a 3 year old stainless steel French door fridge made by LG. This fridge has been mal-functioning for last 6 months. It stops cooling the refrigerator part of the fridge. The remedy is to turn off the fridge for like 1hr and turn back on. We have to do this every 2 to 3 days.
LG doesn't seem to help us to fix the fridge, all what they do is to sent their authorized repair dealer who charges exorbitant prices like 800$.
Clearly, there is an issue with the defrosting cycle and they don't want to accept this fact that their fridges are not reliable. Please pass on this message. Never buy LG fridges they are highly unreliable. If you do buy one, please make sure to buy an extended warranty for up to like 10 years.

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