My Kenmore French Door Bottom Freezer (model 795.7730) Is Made By LG!!!

by Debbie
(Covington, VA)

I bought my Kenmore French door fridge because it fit my space, liked the style and color, and it was a Kenmore which I thought was a good brand except it was made by


They must have gotten a good deal on this fridge but it's a piece of junk. Here's the problems I've had with it:

  1. The inside lights remained on and became so hot that it melted the plastic cover and which fell off.

    I thought it happened because of a stuck door switch and that it was a one time deal. Wrong! After it happened again I just unscrewed the bulbs.

  2. Then I got an error code for the freezer fan not working. They want you to unplug it because ice builds up behind the panel and stops it.

    I found a blow dryer is a temporary fix. It melts enough ice to let it run for awhile. Now I know what to do when it starts making noise. I keep a blow dryer plugged in beside it.

Also, some recalls and fixes are out there but of course my serial no. does not fall into the list. This frige was mfg. in Mexico of course.

I never would have bought it knowing it was actually an LG. Next time I'll go with a company like Samsung that actually makes all of their own fridges.

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Comments for My Kenmore French Door Bottom Freezer (model 795.7730) Is Made By LG!!!

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Sep 16, 2020
Refrigerator model #795.7730 NEW
by: joe r

Refrigerator model #795.7730. Piece of shit. No wonder Sears is out of business. Only 12 years old and nothing but problems. Will NEVER get a Kenmore product of any kind.......

Nov 15, 2015
Kenmore crap
by: Anonymous

So sad, kenmore use to be quality you could count on. I have the same model, same light recall problems, same freezer leaking that damaged our floor, shelves cracking. We are a couple. I can only imagine what a family with kids must experience. Their shelves must be totally gone. At $40 per shelf, why would I pay more money for a crappy replacement product that will break.

Funny thing is, we searched long and hard for a fridge without water dispenser, because we didn't want to risk getting our floor damaged by a leak. Well, we ended up with water damage anyway. Thanks to Kenmore we have struggled to solve numerous problems. We had always purchase used appliance and this was our first step into the modern world of cool and new. Miserable piece of crap! Thankfully there are many companies that will remove for free. Better act on that right away before they realize they are hauling away absolute junk.

May 29, 2014
Piece of junk
by: Linda

I agree that this Kenmore Elite (cost $2100) is a piece of junk. Just found out that it is mfgd by LG and in Mexico so it had 2 strikes against it when it came through the door in May 2012. Within the first 3 months we had 2 service calls for the freezer section leaking water onto the floor & the drawer not closing properly. Technician replaced freezer rails on second visit which seemed to fix the problems. However, after returning home from FL in May 2014 to water slopping through the kitchen, back hallway & foyer onto the Brazilian Koa hardwood floors, we found that the problem was much deeper than rails. Contacted Sear immediately on Sat nite and was told they could have a repairman out on Tuesday! So water poured out of the freezer for an addl 3 days! That repairman attributed it to a cracked water filter. In the meantime Sear's insurance was contacted to aid in the property damage of hardwood floors that were buckled & cupped. We could not even open the pantry door due to the buckled floor. And they advised it could possibly take a couple of months to see if this was a covered claim! Told them that our HO insurance carrier would be contacted and they would subrogate back to LG. Now forward to the next day (Wednesday) when water was again discovered coming out of the freezer door. Called Sears again & was told someone could come out on Friday. That repiairman took off the back of the freezer & found ice covering the coils and the pan so every time the unit went into a defrost cycle the water would run down over the coils across the pan into the freezer and out onto the floor. After defrosting the freezer he inserted a small piece of metal (mfgd by Frigidaire)) onto the bottom coil into the drain to keep the drain from freezing. And advised him that the refrigerator section was not keeping food cold. He took a bottle of water out, put a thermometer in and it read 57 degrees when it should have been 39 degrees. So looked at the back of fridge and said the circuit board needed to ne replaced to the tune of almost $300 plus labor. So in less than 2 years we have had 4 service calls, spent many $, suffered a huge property damage loss & now the circuit board is shot!!! Told him we were going to kick this lemon to the curb and would purchase another refrigerator but definitely NOT from Sears.

Jan 09, 2014
No refrigerator and NO freezer
by: Anonymous

In late 2011 Sears installed our 25 cu. ft. trio.
it was installed in a frame that had held our old non-Kenmore refrigerator for 20 plus years. This new Kenmore product stops cooling both freezer and refrigerator (so far 6 times).The Sears repair man came and said he was sure it was the control unit in the back of the refrigerator that needed to be replaced because that was a problem with this model. Day before his arrival, it started cooling again, so he said it will probably shut down again and advised us to call and order a "Master Protection Agreement.(We did-for nearly $400)Xmas Eve refrigerator quit. 18 guests due for xmas Day brunch. Frozen salad and fruit slush mush. Refig. full of barely cool food.
Repairman shows up on Jan. 9th as says can't fix it until we pull it out of frame or remove the wall behind the unit. Old refrig. was fine in there for over 20years.Now what???

Jun 04, 2013
Kemore 795.7730 Piece of Junk!
by: Anonymous

We have had nothing but problems with our refrigerator (one of many Kenmore appliances we bought all at once a few years ago, and all of which have been LG garbage).

Shortly after the warranty ran out, the clips which keep the doors closed broke off, so the refrigerator doors have a tendency to open up on their own, and stay that way for hours when no one is home to hear the "door open" beep. The cost to replace was sky-high, so we just live with loose doors.

We, too, had the issue with the melted light housing and we removed the light bulb. It was out of warranty, and the repair would have cost us $300+, so we lived with a non-lighted refrigerator. A couple of years later, we finally had the housing replaced (as part of a class action lawsuit settlement with LG), and wouldn't you know, the new housing didn't even come with light bulbs! Sears PartsDirect offered to sell us bulbs for 8 bucks each (plus 8 more bucks for shipping); I bought bulbs for $1.29 each at Target.

In the freezer, the pull-out "basket" comes off its tracks about three times a week, as the hair's-width plastic clips which used to hold the basket to the track broke off at some point. One has to pull out the basket very gingerly to avoid having the whole basket drop right into the main drawer compartment.

The final insult has been the ice maker. It just quit one day, with no warning, and the "troubleshooting" section of the manual is a joke, all but requiring a service call to diagnose the problem. We don't know if the problem is mechanical, electrical or electronic, and are not thrilled to pay for a service call, only to learn that we will have to order a new ice maker (for $120), and pay for yet another service call to have it installed. We bought some ice cube trays at the dollar store and are using our traditional family recipe for ice cubes, keeping a few hundred dollars in our pockets.

The bottom line is that we paid $1300 for a refrigerator six years ago, and have not had full use of it for at least five years.

We will NEVER buy another Kenmore appliance, nor will we buy LG (the actual manufacturer of all of our faulty Kenmore appliances).

Aug 14, 2012
LG quality has been horrible
by: Dick

We had many problems from day one with this including the light bulb covers melting (twice). Doors have been replaced (twice), vegetable bins have broken (twice). Yesterday, the unit warmed up so that everything in the freezer compartment melted. It is disappointing that an appliance that costs so much should have such terrible reliability. It is a Kenmore appliance but I found it is made by LG. Never again will I purchase LG.
And Sears needs to be much more proactive in not distributing inferior product. Maybe if Sears stopped buying from a company that has poor quality, things might change.

Sep 24, 2010
You actually got lucky...
by: RefrigeratorPro Team


We're so glad to hear that you were smart enough to remove the bulb because we've actually heard of more than a few incidents where that little light bulb being left on caused a fire.

I don't understand what causes this to happen but it can be a pretty big deal.

Let us know what you end up doing with your refrigerator. It's great that you can fix it easily with a hair dryer but let's be honest, it must be pretty disconcerting knowing that you have to keep your hair dryer plugged in nearby to guarantee that your fridge won't stop working.

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