My First and Last LG Product!! (LG Refrigerator Review model #LFD25860TT)

My LG French door refrigerator (model #LFD25860TT) is my first and last LG product!!

It's only 4 years old and the display went blank. This is due to a broken wire in the door. When I called the LG parts department they said that the door has to be replaced. There is no way to run or splice the wire.

Best of all LG won't warranty the door. So I ran a temporary wire from the display panel to the top hinge to bypass the broken wire. It works fine but who wants a visible wire on the outside of their fridge?!?!

(BTW, the supervisor said my repair is not authorized.)

Also there's also a broken roller on one of the veg drawers.

I'm a single 65 year old man who is very easy on my things. I'm not used to things breaking for no reason.

Next time I'm going to try some American fridge like Whirlpool or Amana!

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