Maytag Bottom Freezer Fridge (model MBF2256HES S/N11250936GL)

We bought our beautiful Maytag fridge in 2005. It is 'stainless steel' bottom loading freezer, just the right arrangement of shelves.

The warranty was for 5 years on some parts and labour. (The fridge is now 6 years old] This year it started buzzing when it started up.

My husband replaced the overload relay knowing that if this eventually broke down the problem was the compressor. The fridge did break down again, the original vendor charged us $100.24 service call to confirm my husband's diagnosis and told us the price of repair would be $917.36.

The repair man (nice and helpful] also told us, when I asked, that these Maytag compressors are giving a lot of trouble. I said so the new compressor will also break down soon but he said Maytag has changed their supplier and the new compressors are much better. This tells me that Maytag is well aware of this problem.

When I phoned Maytag and spoke softly to the Customer Service people, I did talk to a supervisor (Karina] who told me I had reached the limit of the customer service chain and they would not be able to help me.

How is this possible to have bought a Maytag appliance and have come to the end of a "customer service chain" when I haven't received customer service?

Needless to say we won't be replacing this beautiful Maytag refrigerator with another Maytag.

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