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I have been looking for a 64" height fridge with double doors such as side by side. The closest I have found is 65". Do u know of any brands? The only thing I am finding is the older model with the freezer on top and one door to the fridge. thank you.

  • Answer:

    We're sorry to say that this is not an uncommon problem. Many homes were built in the past for refrigerators of the past. They were much shorter but now to add internal space and not take away too much from your kitchen footprint they've made them taller.

    We've done a great deal of research to see if we can help you with this but we haven't had any luck.

    We were able to find a few top freezer refrigerators as well and a few single door bottom freezer refrigerators but they were had small capacity of less than 10 cu. ft.

    As for the more popular styles such as a French door refrigerator or a side by side, you will need to see if there is a way to give yourself anywhere from 3-6 more inches.

    The best suggestion we can offer is to find a craftmans in your area to see if he can increase the area whether it's by moving a wall or cutting back some cabinets.

Hope this was helpful.

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