LG Side by Side Counter Depth (model LSC21943ST)

(San Diego, CA USA)

There's a few things you should know about this LG side by side fridge:

  1. Water Filter Replacement:

    We have had to change the water filter six months which is normal though the cost for the filter is expensive.

    It is also fairly difficult to replace. It always takes several tries to get it right even though the directions are very simple. This time we can't get it to stay in place. It is the same model as the old one. We have read the instructions (AGAIN) but no luck. Apparently we are going to have to pay a repair person to come and put the water filter in or keep the water and ice maker off. I see $$$.

  2. Not Enough Space in a Counter Depth:

    While I will not buy an LG again but I also will think twice about a counter depth fridge. There is not enough space unless you have food for one. The freezer drawer design makes it very hard to get food in and out . I would not buy a freezer with drawers again.

  3. Stainless Steel Hard to Clean:

    The front is stainless steel. I would not buy a stainless steel again. I tried everything to clean it and keep the finger prints off. After trying different products I recently tried cooking oil and a clean flat cloth and it worked! Cheap and easy.

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