LG Refrigerator Reviews: Whatever You Do, Don't Remove the DuraBase Bottom Bin!!!

by Jan

One thing I didn't read in any of the LG refrigerator reviews out there: Don't remove the DuraBase bottom bin!!!

Guess what?! It comes out but doesn't go back in without disassembling the entire door! NO JOKE!!

I will have to pay someone to fix it and then you can bet it will NEVER come out for cleaning again. I guess the bottom of the fridge will just have to be nasty where I can't get to clean it.

I contacted LG who sent me a manual. Great, I will have it for the handyman. Says "remove the side screw" to take off the entire front door, and there are at least a dozen screws so I will wait for the handyman.

I have enough sense to know when I am in over my head.

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Apr 29, 2021
I Made It Easily. No Handyman or Backwards is Needed!!!
by: Bruce

I spent a couple of hours trying to place back the durabase in vain. Then I came across the comments here in a web search. When I tried to insert the bin backwards (which is supposed to be easier), it turned out to be problematic too. To take off the freezer door sounded reasonable, but with the durabase placed in first, it'll be in the way when you try to put the freezer door back. I can't imagine how it'll be possible. As a last try, I tilted the durabase to the OUTSIDE (that is, not to the inside as we normally do) and got it under the door bin/rack first. Then the durabase went into its place like a blow! I wish I'd had this try sooner.

Sep 16, 2017
I did it too
by: Anonymous

Yep. Thought I was so smart and I just had the bin in backwards.

Sep 07, 2016
Make sure you aren't trying to put it in backwards
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comment . I spent an entire evening trying to but the Durabase Bottom Bin in backwards then I read your tip and the lightbulb came on.

Jul 29, 2016
Reinstalling the Durabase drawer
by: Anonymous

I thought you were right because I had the same problem.BUT the problem really is trying to put the drawer in backwards.Turn it around and it goes in easily

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