LG Refrigerator Review: My LG Door Handle Came BACKWARDS!!

by Tom

I purchased a new LG refridgerator on 10/11/2010 (1 month ago) at Best Buy.

The handle had to be reversed. When the work was done, the door had marks embedded in the paint finish that will not come out. Who do I contact to have the door replaced?

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Jul 03, 2011
Lousy LG Reviews
by: Nadine

I need 4 new appliances and was considering LG products. Have seen the appliances in Future Shop, I was interested until reading all of the lousy reviews.

I am taking myself and my money elsewhere....

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Nov 16, 2010
Not really surprised by this
by: Dave

Hi Tom,

So sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your LG. I'm sorry to say it's not the first time I've heard about trouble with door handles.

I think the place to start would be with whomever came to do the work (that is if it happened due to their negligence). If these marks happened because of the improper placement of the handles, then you're going to have to deal with either Best Buy or LG themselves.

I think I would start with the Best Buy that sold you the "improperly made" refrigerator. You'll probably going to get better results from the store than LG.

For some reason, many customers have found their experiences with LG not easy and fairly frustrating, though I can say that you may have a different one.

Though no matter which way you decide to go, I recommend you start the process IMMEDIATELY. The longer you wait the better the chance they might not do anything about it.

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