LG Refrigerator is Freezing and Icing Up (model lrsc2693)


I love my three year old LG refrigerator. It's quiet and has accurate temperature control.

That said, the ice dispenser broke within the first 2 years. A flimsy plastic unit costing less than $100. This is really minor compared to the coils that freeze up with ice and stop everything.

So far I've paid for 3 repair visits with no diagnosis. I have learned to:

  1. Unplug it
  2. Open the freezer door
  3. Wait a few hours for the ice on the coils and fan behind the freezer compartment to melt.

If I was away when the freezer did this then all food would be lost because it completely shuts down.

Now I'm told that the next thing to try is to replace the controller board. That was quoted at $305 for the part and $160 for labor! That without a definitive test to know that the board is the problem.

At this rate I will soon have about 40% of the initial cost in added repairs.

Service is hard enough to get via the company. The LG help line is useless. Many local repair men don't work on LG. The only parts are in Calif. and I think Atlanta and are ludicrously priced.

  • Completely unreliable
  • Inconvenient
  • Very expensive to fix
  • Great when it works

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Jan 17, 2019
by: Tim

Never buy a LG. I bought a nice side by side worked great for one week past the warranty and yep it cost me dearly wasted food parts and labor.The repair lasted 10 months now what what to do...I will never buy a LG unit again they are JUNK.

Nov 14, 2015
freezer drawer slides freezing
by: Anonymous

Our new LG refrigerator with bottom drawer slides was freezing making it difficult to open the drawer. We melted the ice build up with a heater blower then sprayed the slides with WD-40 It fixed the ice buildup and slides easily now. Ice may have been caused by a leaky door seal but it is not obvious.

Oct 13, 2010
LG Refrigerator model #lrsc 26923tt
by: Anonymous

I have a problem with my LG refrigerator model LRSC26923tt after only 5 years.

The freezer doesn't work properly. Everything inside is melting.

When the technician opened the freezer and we could see the liner, we found out that the heating pipe melted the plastic liner, and this cannot be repaired.

Everything there was melted or broken.The liner looks like a rose.

And I was really happy having this refrigerator.
Is it worth it to pay $1600 for 5 years?

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