LG French Door Refrigerator Reviews Model #LFX23961ST

by John H.
(Canton, MA)

I feel like I have to add to the LG refrigerator reviews on this site as my ice maker leaks and does not work.

It displays Er 1F, so this is not an unknown error. We are in our 6th month of trying to get it fixed or replaced.

Horrible experience with LG "service". The first service company was inept, the second was at least polite. Both got in a "parts" loop where the wrong part or incomplete parts have been sent. Both have quit the problem and referred us back to LG service.

The ASC Admin Account Representative for MA and PA promised us quick resolution. We did not hear back from her and after more emails, we eventually got this note:
  • "For this you need to contact customer service. I deal directly with service centers only and their account issues. The number for customer service is 800-243-0000".

Which put us right back in the 800 number loop!!!

LG is a HORRIBLE COMPANY to deal with!!

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