LG French Door Refrigerator (model #LRFD25850ST)

by Sam D.
(Chagrin Fals, OH)

This LG French door refrigerator is very poorly made.

The spacers between the handles and the body of the refrigerator have cracked and one of the french door handles came off in my hand when opening the door. Expensive to repair.

The ice cube maker deposits metal or coating from the inside of the cube making into and around the cubes. Not very healthy or appealing.

LG customer service basically says - tough luck! I would never buy another LG appliance, given the quality issues I've had with this one.

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Jul 09, 2023
Long list of defects DO NOT BUY LG NEW
by: Max

I have owned one of these LRFD25850ST refrigerators since 2009. I have kept it alive, but here is the laundry list of problems.
No way on earth will I ever buy an LG appliance. This fridge was new with house which is why I have it in the first place.

1. Every plastic part inside it will break sooner or later. Produce drawers, draw guides, shelves, hinge pins are all made of a cheap brittle plastic.

2. Defrost system will freeze up, forming sheets of ice on the bottom of the freezer until you unplug the fridge and let it completely thaw and drain. Happened twice since I've owner it.

3. Door handles crack and break off. I machined new all-aluminum pieces and put it back together with those and stainless bolts

4. Ice maker fills the ice drawer too high, so that cubes dump out into the freezer every time you open the freezer drawer. Fill level not adjustable. You can bend the sensing wire downward into the ice more, which helps some, but it still fills too high

5. Door gaskets tear

6. Door latches break all the time and then the doors pop each other open when you close one door or the other

7. Interior bulb, even at 25w, is too hot for the plastic, and it melts. After replacing the housing and sockets, I switched to LED bulbs

8. Ice maker line running up the back of the fridge, where it is held in place flat against the unit and cannot possibly touch anything or get punctures, spontaneously springs pinhole leaks.

9. Worst of all: The dreaded COMMON "all 8's display". The wiring harness inside the left-hand door develops a short or open in one of the wires, causing the fridge to intermittently go into this "freak out" mode where it beeps and shows all 8's on the display. The only fix is to power the fridge off and on. And there is no way to replace the wiring inside the door. LG expects you to buy a WHOLE NEW DOOR because the door is filled with foam and sealed shut. I will eventually fix this by tunneling through the interior plastic liner and just running a whole new wire bundle of my own, bypassing all the existing door wiring. Just haven't gotten to this one yet.

Oct 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

The poorest design of a refrigerator ever conceived. Not only do the spacers break easily, LG won't sell you replacements. You have to buy the entire $200+ handle to get the cracked plastic pieces. I'll NEVER buy a LG product, and have gone out of my way to spread the word.

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