LG French Door Refrigerator (model #LRFD25850ST)

by Sam D.
(Chagrin Fals, OH)

This LG French door refrigerator is very poorly made.

The spacers between the handles and the body of the refrigerator have cracked and one of the french door handles came off in my hand when opening the door. Expensive to repair.

The ice cube maker deposits metal or coating from the inside of the cube making into and around the cubes. Not very healthy or appealing.

LG customer service basically says - tough luck! I would never buy another LG appliance, given the quality issues I've had with this one.

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Comments for LG French Door Refrigerator (model #LRFD25850ST)

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Oct 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

The poorest design of a refrigerator ever conceived. Not only do the spacers break easily, LG won't sell you replacements. You have to buy the entire $200+ handle to get the cracked plastic pieces. I'll NEVER buy a LG product, and have gone out of my way to spread the word.

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