LG French Door Freezer on the Bottom Refrigerator Review (Model LMX25964)

by Barbara M.
(Parksley, VA)

Here's my LG french door freezer on the bottom refrigerator review.

I like this refrigerator but I wish it had the following:

  • A light by the water dispenser

  • An ice cube crusher

  • To be able to reach in the ice bin to get just one ice cube

  • More adjustable shelves in the door

Outside of the above complaints, I love this refrigerator especially the double freezer drawers.

I've only had this refrigerator about a week but after reading some of the reviews I'm beginning to wonder about LG!

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Comments for LG French Door Freezer on the Bottom Refrigerator Review (Model LMX25964)

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Jul 21, 2014
Beauty is only skin deep
by: Ghog

To add to the service repairman from Rwin City Appl. in Shreveport "..They are junk...". Complicared electronics adds to problems. Refer only 3 years old and not repairable due to internal freon leak according to repairman. Freezer door light switch went out jusr after rolled over a year old and oura warranty. Who'da thunk it! Just think twice and then again before purchasing a Kenmore LG which was my primary consideration for purchase. No matter which LG beware and read the reviews.

Dec 22, 2010
LG's Customer Service Is Only As Good As Their Product...
by: Lowell Goodnight

My LG refrigerator looks great but doesn't get cold enough for me and for some reason their customer service center can't understand this.

I like my beverages ice cold. It doesn't matter where I put my drinks, front or back, they stay around 38 degrees. I have set the refrigerator to 33 but it doesn't seem to matter.

I called LG and asked them but they have now told me twice that if my food is not spoiling the refrigerator is working properly and it's my problem not theirs.

If I have someone come out and look at it it will be at my cost not theirs.

Nice, huh? Not what I would call customer service.

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