LG French Door Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator (model lfc23760st)

by Maureen
(Boiling Springs PA)

We purchased our LG French door freezer on bottom refrigerator not even 2 years ago, 8/2009.

We were told by Home Depot that we were getting a discontinued model. The price was excellent so we purchased it. NOT even 10 months old the refrig portion died! The freezer worked fine and it turned out that they replaced main computer & the fan.

We had a horrible experience with LG service in 2010. We gave error codes over the phone, repairman came wrote down same codes and said would be back in 4 days when parts came in.

A mere 11 months later we had the same issue. Used a different LG service repair. The repair man informed me that this model had 2 issues that would shut down the refrigerator portion. Lucky me we had both issues.

  1. The main computer was bad in some of these refrigerators

  2. There was no defrost evaporator cover- so the back of the freezer- behind the wall would build up ice causing the fan to stop

Hopefully this will be the last issue we have to deal with.

As for our HORRIBLE experience with LG service- they have no customer service.

  • We were on hold for 45 mins.

  • They never call you back or call you back at home when you specifically request to be called at work & provide #

  • Everyone gives you a different story and misinformation.

We will be going to better business regarding this with names.We spoke to 8 different people--ask to speak to Exec Services they at least give you some better info.

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Comments for LG French Door Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator (model lfc23760st)

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Mar 31, 2014
Doors open,,!, :-((
by: Tirone

Stupid! When you close a door (either one) the other pops open?.... We're always walking up to the fridge to find one of the doors cracked open arrrggggg!!!

Sep 04, 2013
Horrible Service - Manufacturer's Defect Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Purchased LFC25776ST new bottom freezer 4 mos. ago May 2013). Four wks ago sides were bulging out up and down both sides and can no longer pull refrigerator out of its space. Problem is getting worse now and LG had us call service center rep out to check. He called LG and told them it was a manufacturer's defect, couldn't be repaired, would continually get worse and to replace it. But LG keeps coming up with excuses and has told us now they won't do anything about it, as it's only a cosmetic problem. But we had a Whirlpool refrigerator in another house that did this and the shelves eventually fell out of it because of all the bulges. Will not be giving a recommendation for any LG products to anyone and won't ever buy again.

Dec 08, 2012
Vegetable Crisper and Supprt Rack Desinigrated
by: Cindy Meredith

I bought all 6 LG appliances brand new from Lowes.

I bought this LG 3dr Fridge just over 1.5 yrs ago and the entire bottom vegetable crisper assembly has fallen apart/broken/cracked so I had to take out the entire bottom shelf as it was completely broken and the crisper trays were all cracked.

It's like the materials they used to make the plastic parts of these fridges is not of the right quality as it seems that the fridge temperature is too cold for the plastic and if makes the plastic shatter.

Very unhappy with this product, and now I'm left to chase around to see what can be done about it as Lowes warranty duties or obligations for these products after sale is limited... They couldn't even give me the name or phone number to call for assistance.

Cindy Meredith

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