LG Bottom-Mount Freezer Refrigerator Review Model LRDN22712ST

by Jan

Here's something that was never mentioned in all of the LG refrigerator reviews I read before buying one: While the large bottom "DuraBase" drawer is removable, DON'T to take it out for cleaning - because you won't be able to get it back in!!!

I took mine out to clean it and apparently I will now have to pay someone to come in and disassemble the entire freezer door in order to get the big bottom bin back in!

I'm hoping that it even can be done. You can bet once it's back in that it will never come out again. I will just have to clean around it as best I can.

I am sooooo sorry I removed it. Just slid right out and will not go back in without taking the whole door apart. I'm terrified I will not be able to get it back together.

In the meantime my food is slung in there in a huge plastic bag. Maybe I can use sweater boxes or dishpans until the next handyman day. I feel like I paid enough for my LG refrigerator that I shouldn't have to make do like this.

You may want to seriously consider buying some other brand than an LG. That would be my reccomendation

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