LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #LDC22720ST)

This both a LG bottom freezer refrigerator review as well as a Best Buy review as I bought my fridge on 6 months ago from them and I don't ever want to deal with Best Buy again.

The bottom started freezing up,I thought I had possibly left it open. So I called the Geek Squad (Best Buy's repair guys) they came out, ordered a part, and took another two weeks really when all was said and done.

I then had to have them return 2 more times for the same problem!!

At this point I've lost hundreds of dollars in food and I am on line looking for the best brand to replace my LG refrigerator with.

When I asked the service man which brand to buy, he told me himself to not even think of buying a LG as his day consists mainly of repairing LG refridgerators.

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