LG Appliances Suck!!

by Anthony

I have had the same problems as everybody else.

I bought over $13,000 in LG appliances -- all top of the line. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave.

My refrigerator has leaked water 4 different times, and has severely damaged my floor. I purchased an extended warranty on all of these appliances.

The refrigerator has leaked from, you name it, the faulty water lines, faulty icemaker, cracked water valve.

Now my Dishwasher is leaking around the bottom seal of the door.

This LG stuff is PURE CRAP!! I am getting ...a complete runaround on them fixing my floor, due to the damage. I wish there was a class action Law Suit I could join.

I am seriously debating calling an attorney myself. I am SERIOUS TO EVERYONE.

If you are in the market for new appliances. DON'T BUY LG Products!!! You will be sorry you did, Trust me and everyone else here and all over the internet.

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Feb 26, 2024
LG refrigerator. Never again. NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased an LG refrigerator almost 5 years ago for more than $1500. Compressor croaked. Cost me $549 for the repair. Then overcharged $43 for the repair in addition to the $549. Known issue with LG compressors. There have been class action lawsuits over their crummy compressors. Lots of pricey food ruined. I could have bought a plain Jane refer for a lot less money and it would still be running fine. Never again LG (Lousy Goods).

Feb 19, 2024
LG Refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

Failed after two years of use. Compressor had to be replaced. Requires frequent cooling radiator cleaning, which is not exactly easy task, Flimsy cover with sharp edges has to removed and small radiator is stuck sideways in corner meaning it is not easy to vacuum it. Overal horrible design and quality! I would not buy LG products agai.

Aug 31, 2023
Don't buy NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought a window ac and within two weeks it stopped working with a CH02 fault. Had to call for repairs. The case is already rusting after only 2 weeks of use. There is no insulation in the unit and it sweats badly.

This is unacceptable.
Never owned any LG products before--first experience was terrible.

Apr 28, 2023
$3,700 LG refrigerator sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

Can’t tell you how disappointed I am with the LG refrigerator and LG service to repair. I had the product less than a month and the ice machine quit and started leaking water. LG set four different appointments for repair and never showed up on one..

They gave my money back for the refrigerator, but I still have a refrigerator that doesn’t work properly. I’ll never buy another LG product.

Dec 14, 2022
Junk should be illegal NEW
by: LG hater

I'm with most others on this site, just trying to spread the word so maybe we as a whole not buying anything LG can shut these theives down! I purchased a LG top freezer refrigerator from Lowes and 3 months later It is worthless. Nothing works on it! And as far as the manufacturer warranty? Good luck getting touch with anyone human and there not gonna fix anything. I'm boycotting Lowe's well because they continue to sell this junk product knowing that it's shit! I'm sure a kickback from LG is why they continue to stock these items but there already rich! What's a working man to do? Take it from me. LG is lousy!

Nov 24, 2022
My LG Fridge died after 3 years of use NEW
by: Anonymous

Our LG fridge though bought September 2017 was not opened and used until 2019 (due to a disasterous kitchen renovation - thanks V6...) and died yesterday 23 Nov 2022. Of course after extended warranty expired So yeah I agree, LG sucks.. we had to return the LG TV we had purchased the time too (we bought other LG Kitchen appliances too -fingers crossed for them to keep working). You just can't rely on appliances these days.

Oct 24, 2022
Lg appliances suck NEW
by: Anonymous

My LG refrigerator I paid $3000 for is a piece of shit
Had to replace the entire circuit board after 3 years . It has leaked water since day one and the repair man told me it can not be fixed it’s just the way it was made . Now the fan burnt out after 5 years .
Floor underneath shot from all of the water leaking . Total piece of shit

Jul 10, 2022
LG worthless dryer NEW
by: MB in Florida

Same problems as everyone else. Worthless junk dryer, shows sensor error even tho clean vents, shuts down after five minutes, particularly hates to dry towels. No way to fix or bypass the problems. What a horror for all of us. We have all spent mountains of money to purchase this trash and then to try to repair it. Tell everyone everywhere to buy anything but LG. Hang the wash on a clothesline…works better!

Jul 07, 2022
Terrible product NEW
by: Anonymous

We purchased a top of the line LG french door refrigerator in November and it work well for about 30 days. Then the ice maker started making a really loud knocking sound. After 4 months it was the craft ice maker was totally inoperative. They came and replaced the ice maker and it worked for about 1 week. Now the freezer is at 20 degrees instead of 0 degrees and ice is melting in the freezer and in the in door ice maker which leaks water down the front of the refrigerator and onto the floor. Our previous refrigerator ran for 18 years without a single problem and was still working when we gave it away. LG apparently should not be in the refrigerator business. Calling for warranty service is very difficult due to the foreign accents of the representatives and their total lack of knowledge about the products they are supposed to be supporting.


Apr 29, 2022
LG Inferior Garbage
by: Frank Ortez

Like everyone else here, I purchased a top of the line LG Refrigerator from Best Buy. I purchased a 3 year extended warranty. At 3 years & 1 month, the ice maker stopped working and an E 15 error code appeared. After $600 dollars worth of parts & labor, nothing worked. The technician showed me his direct communication with LG recommended replacing the refrigerator. Really? $3500 dollars for 3 years?!?! I am confused as to why LG is permitted to continue selling their garbage in the USA? Is there no one to protect the consumer? As I saw in a previous post, add me to any class action lawsuit even though a judge summarily dismissed the last class action lawsuit regarding compressors.

Mar 10, 2022
LG sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

We have 6 LG appliances and all suck
All kitchen appliances top of the line - black stainless and all that means is they are skinned black which is pealing off
Brand new top of the line washer less than 7 months old died twice already - both times 2 months to fix
I will never buy LG again!!

Jan 13, 2022
Can't believe I got this Low Grade fridge before reading NEW
by: Anonymous

Fuck LG refrigerators! Worthless pieces of shit! Terrible design and one set of instructions for 15 different models! Those idiots couldn't put height adjusters for the back of the fridge! Cheap ass shit! The manual says that both doors have height adjustment, fuck you LG! The left door doesn't have shit! You need extra space to open the doors, can't install this piece of crap against any wall! I spent all kinds of time modifying my wall so the freezer door would open enough, finally installed the fridge, and after 3 days on, it still not getting cold! Some bull shit gave ass or whatever happened to this second hand piece of garbage I regret that I bought! LG thinQ app is so fucking useless!! I dont see the point of it, since it says, "did not detect abnormal operation". How the fuck? It's warm inside the fridge! Worthless waste of everyone's time and resourses! I hope this whole company eats shit! How do I join class action against this assholes by the name LG? Its scum running a scam! And they charge a shit load of money for these shitty appliances! Can't even write an owners manual! Cheap fucks! Eat shit LG!

Dec 29, 2021
LG refrigerator iscrap NEW
by: Anonymous

We have had our LG refrigerator just over 5 years and is again not cooling! The first time was four years ago and the technician replaced the compressor. He also stated that he has had to do this on multiple LG refrigerators over the past decade. Then, just before Thanksgiving 2018, the ice maker stopped making ice. After three service calls at which time three different technicians replaced the ice maker three times, the fourth technician stated that it wasn't the ice maker, but the tube in the door freezes up and stops making ice. He said the only cure is to remove the contents and leave the door open for 6 to 8 hours! It worked for two weeks and froze up again. Now we buy a bag of ice from the grocery store every week and store it in a bin in the freezer, taking up one whole shelf in the freezer. We are now waiting on another technician to diagnose the cooling issue I mentioned in the first sentence .

Dec 18, 2021
I hate LG NEW
by: Anonymous

No more LG shit ever!! The dishwaher control panel blinks, stops, ends,etc. I have to slam the door & restart it over & over. The LG TV is difficult to us & randomly won't go to HDMI mode. And the stove with the 'air fryer' is junk. NO MORE LG SHIT EVER. and when you call customer service - it's Taiwan.

Dec 03, 2021
No more LG products for me! NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought an $800 LG diswasher and it stayed moist with water droplets inside 24/7. Plus the poor design resulted in the power coming on (and playing the stupid electronic jingle) whenever I was doing something at the counter by the dishwasher. Fortunately, I was able to have it replaced (the technician said it was "defective") with a Bosch that cost $300 less. So far, I am very happy with the Bosch dishwasher. No more LG appliances for me equals fewer headaches!

Nov 23, 2021
LG $3600 refrigerator and it sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought a top of the line refrigerator from Home Depot (LG product) It would not produce ice properly, so I put in a service call. LG cancelled 4 service call visits, and then sent me a check for the full amount of the refrigerator. Now I have a check for the unit and a refrigerator that does not produce the proper amount of ice. LG does not require to return the refrigerator. I'm going to go buy a new frige and give this $3600 refrigerator to a neighbor. LG sucks.
LG---- I've spent way to much time on a stupid refrigerator. LG - You guys suck at what you do.

Nov 04, 2021
by: Anonymous

LG refrigerator, cost over $3k, only lasts 2 years? really. that was an expensive lesson, dont ever buy an LG product, ever!

Sep 28, 2021
Lg is junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I completely agree. I bought a house with practically new LG appliances and all have major issues. The refrigerator builds up ice below the freezer section like it was built in 1920. The ice maker chooses to stop working for days at a time then starts up again. Every knob on the range is made of cheap plastic and had to be replaced. The set was literally $150, for PLASTIC KNOBS!!! I’ve had to replace both cooling fans on the stove because they were so loud it would drive you crazy. This cost $300 and I did the work myself. It probably would have been $6-700 if a repairman did it. The dishwasher was so poorly designed I cringe every time its loaded. The bottom tray was made to be adjustable but so cheaply built the racks fall down when you put a plate or bowl in it. There’s a thin top tray above the glassware tray that is worthless and it basically comes apart every use as well. I’ve also had 3 sets of lg headphones and they’ve all been problematic from the start, the last even quit turning on after 2 months. I will never purchase another lg product. Sign me up for any class action lawsuit. I don’t even care if the lawyers get all the money, the company should be out of business.

Sep 01, 2021
Dont buy LG NEW
by: Susan

A ten year fridge, worked on three times in ten years is now completely dead. New
Compressor needed. Service is available only by Appliance Hero. No other appliance repair

Aug 22, 2021
LG Refrigerador sucks don’t BUY LG! NEW
by: Lautaro

We bought an LG refrigerador in 2019 and we have had nothing but trouble we this apliance. The freezer constantly doesn’t freeze it has been terrible experience dealing with LG customer service.

Jun 14, 2021
LG = Lousy Goods NEW
by: Steve H

We had to replace the LG dishwasher after 2 1/2 years. Now the refrigerator has completely crapped out. They say it will be nice days just to have a technician look at it. What a price of garbage. We also have the LG stove and microwave we bought at the same time; I'm wondering how long it will be before they die. Never again.

May 23, 2021
LG washer & Dryers are crap NEW
by: Phyllis

I bought an LG washer & dryer a year & half ago nothing but time dry works on the dryer,repair guy said it wasn't worth fixing,then a month ago my washer got an LE error code, tried to reset it, didn't work, on the top loading models they tell you if that doesn't work to call LG,F them, they wanted $300 just to come out & look a it, not counting parts, NOT WORTH IT, going to junk it and get an American Made Speed Queen washer, there washers are used in landramats all over the world and have been around since 1902, all macanical unlike those CRAPY LG washer that are Electronic and probably the parts are made in China. Don't buy LG you'll be sorry as I am and as many others are. Bought these July 2019

May 05, 2021
LG appliances and service suck NEW
by: Anonymous

I spent $3000 on an LG fridge and it’s under warranty. I’ve had two techs here already and after 13 days I am still waiting on parts. I learned today that I won’t get an update for 3-5 more days. Do yourself a favor and never buy an LG appliance. Spend the money on a Yeti and ice or wipe your butt with it. Either way you will be better off.

Mar 16, 2021
Lg sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my refrigerator less than 2 years ago, xomthe compressor stop working, is a $1,800 jpb to fix it.

Mar 03, 2021
Worse than crap! NEW
by: Matthew Brown

I bought 4 LG appliances: 1 Refrigerator, 1 Washer, 1 Dryer, and 1 Dishwasher. Less than a year later the Dryer and dishwasher are broken. THATS 50% within a year!! And the dishwasher made of "stainless steel" is rusted!?!? Will NEVER buy LG appliances again. 20 years of owning appliances never had one fail. Finally buy new appliances and now I have to pay for repairs?? WHAT!?

Dec 29, 2020
by: Richard S.



This company is the worst ever.

Aug 16, 2020
Compressor Failure NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought this 30cf behemoth in June of 2017. Compressor died in July of 2020. Replaced in August 2020 under warranty (after 2 weeks). Died again 2 days later. Not going to be happy if I have to wait another 2 weeks for another replacement.


Aug 15, 2020
French door fridge NEW
by: Lou F.

We purchased a top of the line LG refrigerator in February 2016. All cooling was lost on the unit on Saturday night, July 25, 2020. Since water was on the floor we realized the first thing Sunday that the fridge was not operating. I checked your web site and found out that there were problems with the compressor, and I think the warranty on our model was extended to 10 years for the compressor. I tried calling you, and after 2 attempts they scheduled a warranty service call for the 29th. The serviceman replaced the compressor and left about 5:30PM. We had to throw away $300+ of spoiled foods in the fridge. Last night at 7:00PM on August 3rd, I closed the fridge and heard a pop, and now the unit was not working and all power seemed to be off on the unit. I checked circuit breakers and no other lights were affected. I tried calling your service number 800-243-0000 only to find out that you do not have 24 hour service. I then called the next day and reached your service center in India where I had trouble understanding the representative. I tried to explain that this was an emergency since we had restocked the fridge and would lose another $300+ of goods unless someone was sent out TODAY. I was getting nowhere with the rep so I asked for a supervisor. I was then put on hold for over 50 minutes, and no one ever came back to give me an update. Therefore, I called the number again from a different phone and received another rep in India whom I could understand a bit better. After about 20 minutes, I was able to receive another repair no. RNN200804083695. She said that someone else would call us with a date for someone to come and repair the fridge. It was only then that I hung up the first line since obviously they were not happy with me asking for a supervisor and had no plans of coming back to me. I received a call from a service person on August 4 and described that the fridge had no lights and that I did not think it was the compressor again but a control board. He confirmed that it was the computer board and he would order another one. He finally came 1 week later on August 11 to install the new board. After he did, there was smoke from on top of the unit and another board for the icemaker went up in smoke. Now he is ordering the 2 new boards and hopes the will be in by August 14th. The new boards arrived and were installed on August 14 only to burn up in minutes! This means we have been without a fridge for almost 4 weeks. At this point, I have lost all confidence in this LG product. This is a sad situation and I think the only reasonable thing to do is to replace this "lemon" with a new refrigerator. BTW, I called the "customer service number and stayed on hold for over 1 hour. Worse service I have ever experienced.

Jul 15, 2020
LG Appliances suck. LG Service is worse.
by: Lars

Two complete failures in less than two years.

Been waiting since May 28th.

Horrid customer experience!!

Sucky incompetent people.

Sucky pee poor customer service standards.

Deserve to be put out of business by the state, if not federal government.

Do without if versus buying their products!

I’m serious.

Jul 05, 2020
LG front load dishwasher sucks NEW
by: David

LG warranty is useless double talk. Control panel just failed for the second time. less than 3 ears old and more spent on repairs than on the unit when it was new. Never again, and by the way, Our 42 month old refrigerator (Also an LG)is falling apart. Door shelves are weak and seals are cheap. Well be replacing both this week.

Dec 31, 2019
Bought six LG appliances new 2018 NEW
by: Deborah

I bought pretty much top of he line LG appliances? My fridge has had a broken freezer drawer, and now the lining is cracked. Water leaks from the water spigot and leaves white powder all over. LG nor my extended warranty will fix it. My range has the oven knob break and the stove top is scratched from wiping with a dish cloth. The stove top replacement is on back order with no time frame for delivery. I just found a crack in the microwave over the stove vent portion. I am sick I spent over 7,000.00 dollars to replace all of my appliances in the kitchen and washroom. Any suggestions? The repair man told me to go after the store because they may have muscle I don’t have with LG. They are pretty appliances to look at but dint touch them they are very fragile, I cringe whenever a grandchildren opens the fridge door for fear it will break...

Dec 31, 2019
Bought six LG appliances new 2018
by: Deborah

I bought pretty much top of he line LG appliances? My fridge has had a broken freezer drawer, and now the lining is cracked. Water leaks from the water spigot and leaves white powder all over. LG nor my extended warranty will fix it. My range has the oven knob break and the stove top is scratched from wiping with a dish cloth. The stove top replacement is on back order with no time frame for delivery. I just found a crack in the microwave over the stove vent portion. I am sick I spent over 7,000.00 dollars to replace all of my appliances in the kitchen and washroom. Any suggestions? The repair man told me to go after the store because they may have muscle I don’t have with LG. They are pretty appliances to look at but dint touch them they are very fragile, I cringe whenever a grandchildren opens the fridge door for fear it will break...

Dec 04, 2019
LG Fridge and Dishwasher dead within 3 years NEW
by: Anonymous

Never again will I buy an LG appliance. Within weeks of the 3-year anniversary of buying it, the compressor on the fridge is dead. They will be fixing at no cost, but from what I've read, I'll need to be budgeting for a new fridge in the next year or so.

Two days after the fridge stopped working, the dishwasher has died. They've added it to the repair ticket, but unless it is the motor, I am out of luck on the warranty. (It's not the motor. It's the control panel.)

Now I'm waiting for the washing machine to fail.

Thank God for cyber Monday. Got a new GE dishwasher for a great price. Sure hope it lasts longer than LG.

Nov 09, 2019
Appliance Died After Only Three Months NEW
by: Anonymous

We have had the refrigerator for less than three months, and it completely quit. Lost all food. A joke.

Sep 25, 2019
LG is worthless!!! Do not Buy any LG appliances NEW
by: Jeff

LG basically sells disposable appliances! Yes that is right, disposable lol. We have an LG refrigerator that is not even all that old. The fridge became one big freezer so we called the LG tech. The tech came out and ordered a needed part. He then came back out to install but found it was the wrong part. When doing some research with LG the tech found the part is no longer available!?! The fridge cant be fixed. Long story short, if you need or want your appliances to last longer, or at least be repairable after 5-10 years, DO NOT BUY LG!!!!

Aug 27, 2019
Sad they won’t make an exception NEW
by: Anonymous

Have tried reaching out to LG on multiple occasions. Between our LG electronics, washer and dryer and all of the appliances in our home, everything is LG. Dryer drum completely separated, as in it cracked at the weld points. This was a top of the line unit, the most expensive option Best Buy offered. Luckily warranty covered it but it was a giant pain. I had never had a dryer do that let alone one that was practically new. Washer broke out of warranty more times than I can count, LG refused to help. After spending more in repairs than the dryer was worth, I gave up and bought the cheapest Amana I could find and it’s been an amazing washer for years. Now after my ice machine breaking, and now the refrigerator no longer cooling I paid $95 just for the repair guy to tell me the compressor is broken and it will cost $1,100 to fix?????? I tried to ask for an out of warranty exception from LG given my loyalty but they refused! You think after spending over $10,000 in electronics and appliances they would appreciate me as a customer more. They offered to send a tech out to repair at 100% my cost or give me a 20% discount on another fridge!!!! Never again LG!!! I’m embarrassed by how much money I have spent with you and how many customers I’ve sent to you!

May 14, 2019
No one home at LG Service
by: Russ K

The online service request for products under warranty is a hoax and black hole. Spent 2k on LG front load washer and dryer 11 months ago. We use each about 3x per week. The dryer handle design and fabrication is defective causing the front window to crack. If we continue to use the dryer ie., pulll the handle in a normal way, eventually the handle will break off (after express warranty expires.)
LG has an online service request platform that promises a response ( telephone call) within 24 hours. We followed all instructions meticulously when we sent in our complaint, uploaded purchase invoice yada yada. It has been a week with no response. We relied on the warranty and service promise when the purchase was made. We can claim a lifetime warranty based on our timely claim & their breach but I’d rather have the drier we were induced to purchase. I know LG will drag feet for a month mistakingly thinking they will run out the one year warranty.
Has anyone else been denied coverage where service request was made in 11th or 12th month??

May 05, 2019
LG ..stay away NEW
by: Anonymous

Absolute garbage..we have LG fridge, dishwasher dryer microwave stove...we bought this home one year ago the owner told us that the appliances were only a few years old..these apliances have been nothing but trouble we had to call serviceman
4 times for different problems..too numerous to list..we are now having problems with the diswasher..customer service is as helpful as their
products..i will never buy an LG appliance ..please..stay away from the disaster that is LG..Lousy Gamble

Oct 13, 2018
LG appliances are absolutely JUNK !!!!!! NEW
by: Jeff Brown

Refrigerator compressor quit in less than a year. No parts available for months. It was repaired after months of waiting and the new compressor quit after 7 months. Costumer service is terrible after an hour on hold. Rude call center half wits. Warped hardwood floors after leaks. If you buy LG you will regret it.

Aug 02, 2018
Never again LG! NEW
by: Anonymous

LG TV, Phone and Washer all died after a few years of light to regular usage.

Three strikes you are out LG!

Mar 06, 2018
Do not purchase anything LG NEW
by: LG is the worst!

Please do not purchase any LG appliances!!! We moved into a new construction property two years ago and bought a new stove, dishwasher. We brought our fridge, washer, and dryer (all only a few years old). I threw the fridge out after weeks of going back and forth with Warrentech and LG. The dryer is not repairable the mailed us a check. My dishwasher is piece of crap! My double oven is now having issues! The customer service is horrible!

Feb 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

I purchased a LG package Refrigerator, Gas Stove, over the stove microwave, dishwasher. After 4 years my Refrigerator died. A year later the Dishwasher, and the microwave and a few months ago the oven in my stove. I had to replace the refrigerator in 2013, and today I notice my refrigerator went out AGAIN. I called the warranty place and the earliest they can be out is Tuesday February 13, 2018. Now I had to throw out all my food. I have children and had went shopping and do not have the money to get more food nor eat out. But to have gone through 2 refrigerators in 9 years is crazy. As a single mother who lives check by check, this is not right. My Stove stopped working and I cannot afford a house full of new appliance. The top part still works but the oven don't. Hopefully LG will reach out to me about this situation.

Nov 13, 2017
My two year old refrigerator has died NEW
by: Anonymous

So how do we do a class action lawsuit. Pay $1,000 for a refrigerator and $400 to get it fixed in two years. Horrible.

Someone should sue them or do something and sadly consumer reports must be paid by them because they have good reviews.

Jun 26, 2017
expensive fridge
by: sarina

Purchased the top of the line LG fridge and within 4 years it broke down.

We called service, it took one week to attend because the service man was "so busy" and deemed our fridge repairable.

He filed a notice to LG Canada and we have waited 3 weeks. I called everyday, the Service representative informed me that it was approved however it take 7-10 business days before it get formal approval.

No one informed us of the 7-10 days formal approval process. I asked if there was an expedited approval process seeing that I am 83 and my wife is 78 and we have been without a fridge for more than 4 weeks.

LG service representative told me she would call me back with an answer and I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE CALL BACK.


Apr 10, 2017
LG products suck
by: Kim

MY LG front load washer lasted less than 2 years.

Bought and LG tv and within 5 mths the HDMI ports stopped working. LG products suck.

Feb 24, 2017
Don't by LG
by: Anonymous

My LG dryer, Fridge, and microwave failed within 3 months of each other. Do not buy LG.

Sep 19, 2012
Terrible Unit
by: Anonymous

I bought a 3 door model from Sears. The ice dispenser has gone out and the left side is so cold to the touch it is clear it is missing insulation. Sometimes it will freeze food in the fridge for no apparent reason - we've not changed any settings.

Even though it's not that old (> 3 years), I am considering replacing it.

I certainly tell everyone I know to steer clear of these. It's not worth the cost of a lawsuit, so I hope all the negative reviews I've placed help to keep this crap from spreading.

Very poor reflection on Sears

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