LG 245 double door refrigerator in India

by Aashi
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Avoid LG refrigerators at least in India. Inconsistent quality and very poor customer response. Here is my experience.

I was prompted to go in for LG 245 double door fridge when I observed it working very quietly in someone's home. However, the fridge the LG people delivered made a lot of noise.

On complaining, they replaced it with another fridge but it had the same problem. On complaining and asking for a refund their technician responds and tells me there will always be a noise and it is normal.

When I asked him how one fridge is noiseless and one is very noise, he has no answer beyond saying that such things are "normal" and the company cannot do anything about it. When I asked him to put down what he claimed in writing, he said he did not have the authority.

For all those people considering a new fridge, please stay away from LG. L G is for Lousy Goods. I am officially done with LG appliances and I would recommend the same thing to anyone considering buying one for their home.

My best advice...STAY AWAY FROM LG.

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