KitchenAid Side by Side Refrigerator (model #KSCS25INSS00)

by James

Here's a heads up on our KitchenAid side by side refrigerator (model #KSCS25INSS00).

If you find that the compartment wall that divides the refrigerator and freezer sections is excessively hot, contact the store that you bought it from and document it. Try if you can to get someone's name that you talked to or at best an email from someone.

Our KitchenAid died (and was found unrepairable) after seven years due to burnt internal wiring. We believe this was related to excessive heat build up in that shared wall.

We noticed it fairly early on (after about two years) and complained about it, but were told it was normal. Definitely a big mistake, a big costly mistake.

Is seven years really the length of time most manufacturers expect their refrigerators to last now? What happened to the Kenmore refrigerators that lasted 25 and 30 years? I just keep reading everywhere that most refrigerators die in 4-10 years. Why is this?

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May 10, 2014
Wall between fridge&freezer hot
by: Bnolesjr s@yahoo.comAnonymous

Replaced fan motor.
Did not help, what's next?
Is this a dangerous situation?

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