KitchenAid Refrigerator Review (model KBRA22KMBT)

by Debbie S.
(Innisfil, Ontario, Canada)

This KitchenAid fridge (model KBRA22KMBT) has always made a big bang loud enough to make you jump while watching TV or sleeping.

Within a few months I had someone come and check it out because it broke down. They had to order a part and change it because they said it was a big mistake that it was built with this part.

The fridge still makes a big bang, and sometimes I think it thinks it is supposed to be making ice It does not have an ice maker, but on the booklet it says it does.

I hope it lasts but I bought a KitchenAid after my Kenmore broke down within 1 year. It wasn't a cheap fridge, this bottom fridge cost us about $2200.00. Sears refunded me my $1069.00 for the Kenmore and I decided to get a good fridge. Not so.

I love the size and construction of this fridge but the worry and loud banging is awful.

Does anyone know if there were any recalls on this model?

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Jan 11, 2016
Loud bang
by: Anonymous

My kitchen aid startles everyone who is visiting because it makes an awful loud bang. It's almost as if it thinks it's making ice.

Nov 26, 2012
sems to be an on going issue
by: Anonymous

We have had our 1st KitchenAid fridge and it has always made those banging i write we need to replac our just under 10 year old fridge. Scary to think this is still an issue. The ic maker has always made noise in the night so this one will not have one....Sad to think quality is still am issue...... will have to think long and hard about it.

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