KitchenAid Refrigerator (model #ksrg25fkss15)

by Scott
(Vancouver, WA)

I have had my KitchenAid refrigerator for 5 years and have had nothing but problem after problem. We had to replace:

  • 3 ice makers
  • water filter board
  • Had an ice maker heater installed in order to keep the fill tube from freezing (which did not work by the way).

While all of my problems seem to be related to the ice maker I think the best thing I, or anyone else, can do is to buy a refrigerator without an icemaker in it. The more reviews I read online, the more problems I hear regarding icemakers with pretty much every brand of refrigerator.

After all of this hassle I am replacing my 'lovely' KitchenAid refrigerator and moving it out to the garage where it belongs.

As for the my new refrigerator, I can guarantee that it will not be replaced with a Kitchen Aid product. Having a KitchenAid free kitchen will help me to start enjoying my kitchen and hopefully will decrease the rate of gray hair taking over my head.


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Oct 05, 2014
by: Jim

Bizarre coincidence, but I also live in the Vancouver, WA area. I echo everything Scott said. The ice maker has been nothing but a money pit. We have replaced all of the same parts previously mentioned. The appliance repair tech said Kitchenaid and this model in particular is one of the least reliable he has ever seen. DO NOT EVER buy a Kitchenaid anything with the expect ion of their stand mixer. That works flawlessly!

Aug 26, 2014
A second for Scott from Vancouver, WA
by: Rick

I purchased this refrigerator in 2004, primarily for ice hopper location on inside door, not taking up room in freezer area like other makes.

Overall experience can be described as 'meh'. Similar to Scott, the ice maker has died three times, although last repair has lasted 5 years (knock on wood....). It does its' job but nothing more. Drawers are crap; plastic rollers and guides have broken long ago, and drawers just flop around.

While I am at it, purchased matching Kitchen Aid dishwasher at same time. Strong performer in terms of dishwashing, but door suspension system is crap. I have replaced nylon cables three times, and door hinges once when cables broke and door fell. Absolute appliance junk.

The Kitchen Aid brand was sold by Hobart long ago to Whirlpool, but a lot of people don't know that. All of their appliances are Whirlpool, and have nothing to do with the beloved Kitchen Aid mixer that we all know and love.

I would never purchase another Kitchen Aid appliance.....ever.....

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