Kenmore French Door Bottom Freezer

by Peggy

We have had our Kenmore French door bottom freezer refrigerator (Model 795.7731) for two years. While the refrigerator is well done the freezer compartment is another story.

Our freezer is always covered in frost! We make sure that the drawer is always closed and that no food is blocking the air flow vents.

We also don't pack the freezer full of food. Even though we take all of these precautions there is always frost inside the freezer section whether or not we have the ice cube maker running.

(One other thing: The compressor is noisy.)

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Apr 21, 2021
$1700 pos NEW
by: Colin

French door fridge just over one year old. Evaporator fan very noisy, not cooling refrigerator. Water leaking in fridge. Ice maker? Absolute junk.

Aug 17, 2012
Ice Maker Woes
by: Anonymous

I have a Kenmore French Door refrigerator with two bottom drawers. The main complaint with the freezer is that it does not hold much, plus food can fall out the back. The ice maker is another story.

Refrigerator was delivered in June 2011. The ice maker has already been replaced once and is broken again. Sears sent out repairman today for "routine maintenance" rather than a technician that can fix the problem. So I now have to wait until next Tuesday. Talk about lousy customer service.. And, there is no question that I called regarding a problem, not requesting routine maintenance.

Also, when the ice maker actually works the ice does not dispense properly . It seems to melt slightly and glue itself together. I have to open door to ice bin, take out and shake. Then, if I am really lucky it will dispense for a day or so. Kind of takes away from the reason for having an ice dispenser.

On the plus side, the refrigerator has an attractive look. However, two major ice maker problems in slightly over a year is two too many. I am anything but happy with the refrigerator. All I have to say is that if you buy any modern day refrigerator you had better buy the extended warranty. With all their electronics, todays refrigerators just don't last like they did 20 or 30 years ago.

Apr 06, 2012
ice on freezer tracks
by: Anonymous

Our freezer door keeps freezing shut, too much ice on the tracks.

Jul 14, 2010
That's really tough...
by: Tom

Wow that kind of sucks. I've had a French Door Refrigerator with a pull out freezer for years and haven't had a problem like that.

Do you think maybe it's the gaskets around the freezer that aren't sealing properly?

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