Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator JFC2087HRP

Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator

Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator

My Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator (model JFC2087HRP) is 5.5 years old and the compressor just went out. To add insult to injury, their limited warranty ended at 5 years!

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Feb 14, 2018
Ice build up in freezer and leaking on wood floor NEW
by: Anonymous

Only 2 years after we purchased our Jennair cabinet depth refrigerator, the freezer had build up so much ice that it leaked a huge puddle onto the wood floor. I have had numerous service calls to defrost the drain again and again, but the same problem comes back after 2 months. Beware! Don't buy a french door refrigerator from Jennair!

Jun 29, 2016
Compressor gone after 8 years.
by: Anonymous

Im so disappointed in my Jenn Air French Door refrigerator. We loved the fridge and was one of the most expensive thought woukd be good quality. It stopped working after 8 years. Spent $250.00 for a new starter, ran 1 month and now the compressor is gone. If a new compressor was reasonable to replace it wouldn't be so bad. But the replacement cost of a compressor is marked up so high that you can't justify spending that much on a 8 year old fridge. I'll never buy Jenn-Air.

Jan 03, 2016
jenn air
by: Anonymous

worst appliances ever. i had to repair my fridge 3 times withing a 2 years. this is def my last jenn air or maytag appliances.

May 22, 2013
compressor + labor is 756 to repair!!!!
by: Anonymous

Fridge stayed luke warm, didnt realize such a big fix, figured couldnt be too bad as I paid so much for this "high quality". Had a friend replace a part for about $130. That gave me 3 more months, he had said if it didnt last it was most likely a very expensive issue like the compressor. In denial I used an old fridge in the garage until finally today i had an official appliance man service it and give me the bad news. Called Jenn Air as they know their compressors are an issue but they denied help since I didnt originally call them. Dont think they would have helped anyways. Very frustrating to pay 2260 for a fridge that essentially worked fully for barely 5 years. (problems started before, but I mistakenly thought my warranty was already up and didnt imagine it could really be such a huge fix.)

Dec 08, 2011
JennAir: Nothing but trouble
by: Anne

I am currently on hold with Jennair to try and get them to come back and fix my refrigerator (for the third time!).

This time because it freezes the food on the top shelf and the water no longer comes out of the tap on the inside!!

I also have a range from Jennair - that is even worse!!

I will never buy from Jennair again!!

Oct 16, 2011
Jenn-Air Appliances: Stay Away...
by: Anonymous

My Jenn-Air refrigerator is only 6 years old and the compressor went out. It is going to cost me $600 to replace it!!

This is our 2nd Jenn-Air appliance, and it will be our last.

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Aug 15, 2011
Never works
by: Lynn Penner

This refrigerator looks lovely and does not work.

Repairmen cannot fix it.

It currently freezes the food in the refrigerator.

Maytag used to be such a good brand but I will NEVER buy another Maytag appliance again.

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Jun 24, 2011
Same Jenn Air French Door Fridge Model Number and Same Problem
by: Anonymous

Just under 6 y/o. the compressor went on our Jenn Air French door refrigerator and the tech said too bad. $700 to fix!!!

Will never buy Maytag or "upscale" Jenn Air again. Thank goodness I have my 25 year old fridge in garage until I can figure out a replacement!

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May 13, 2011
Lets start a class action law suit against Jenn Air appliances!
by: Anonymous

Let's start a class action law suit against Jenn-Air!!

We too have had nothing but trouble with this Jenn-Air fridge also just about 6 years old. I hate this appliance!!! I also hate Jenn air for when I called for service today, the best they could do was have someone here mid next week!!!

They have no concern for their customers & get this they have only 4 authorized service co's in the NYC area. There are millions of kitchens in the area I assume at least 5% have their product.

What a scam I will never give them my business again. Perhaps we should start a class action law suit against them!!!

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Apr 21, 2011
Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator model #JFC2087HRP - POOR QUALITY
by: TJefferson

We purchased this unit 5 years ago and we've had problems with it from the very beginning. Our extended warranty was with Maytag.

Supposedly after 4 service calls for the same issue they were to replace the entire unit. We've had numerous service calls regarding the same issue but they always came up with something when we mentioned the replacement.

NOW, the refrigerator is out of warranty and the problems still exist. Currently the refrigerator makes this humming noise and shortly there after stops cooling. Everything in the fridge and freezer completely thaws. Each time we have to discard everything in the fridge.

This refrigerator wasn't cheap. We thought we were purchasing a higher end, good quality refrigerator. Instead we received an expensive lemon!

I have read numerous complaints regarding this. You would think they would take notice and acknowledge there is a problem with this model.

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Oct 25, 2010
Double Sucks!
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a 6 year old Jenn Air refrigerator review. The repairman just left my house.

He took the back panel off, and put it back on and told us to buy a new fridge. The compressor is shot and they are made in Brazil...don't waste money fixing it.

We paid $2300 6 years ago!!What a LEMON!!!!

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Aug 23, 2010
This refrigerator sucks!!
by: Anonymous

We bought Jenn-Air French Door Refrigerator (model JFC2087HRP) six years ago and have had three service calls on it.

We've lost two complete refrigerator-fulls of food at a cost of probably $600. Spent another $500 in service calls and are now looking at another one coming up.

I want to repair it just one more time, then unload it. I hate this piece of junk.

The only good thing I can say is that it looks nice.

Jun 04, 2010
That's awful!
by: HeidiPro

Jenn-Air is really supposed to be one of the best brands so this really surprises me. I bet that is wasn't inexpensive either. I take it you've spoken to the company to see if there is anything they can do for you.

Have you gotten a quote on how much it will cost to fix it?

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