Is it Better to Leave My Fridge Plugged in for Storage?

by Robert
(Long Beach, Ca.)

I know this sounds a energy unconscious but here's what I'm asking:

I'm storing my fridge in my container and wanted to know if its better to leave it plugged in or should I just leave it unplugged. Besides the energy usage, it really doesn't make a difference to me. My biggest concern is keeping my fridge in good, usable condition. Is this the best thing to do as I suspect is will need to remain in storage for at least a year.

The reason why I am even thinking this might be a good solution is I am concerned about growing mold inside and whether it will actually start up after being off for that long.

Any advice on this would be really helpful.

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May 30, 2015
home improvments
by: Robert

If you want to store your fridge for some time, why leave it plugged in? As long as you'll keep your fridge clean after you unplug it, never fear about growing mold.

May 30, 2015
by: ruby daubert

Whatever your circumstances for storing an unused refrigerator, follow long-term storage instructions that will preserve the appliance in a healthy and reusable state.

1. Throw away or give away all the food in the refrigerator. Dispose of the trash quickly because the food will begin to spoil.
2. Roll the refrigerator on its wheels away from the wall, slowly and gently. Turn off the water supply line valve, if your refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser. You can usually turn the knob with your hand, in the clockwise direction to cut of the water supply. Use a small towel to get a firm grip. Do not unplug the refrigerator from the electrical outlet because you will need power.

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