Is 50Hz cycle compatible with 60Hz cycle?

by Noel W.

I was wondering if I could buy a refrigerator from the United States to use in Jamaica. Here in Jamaica we have a 50 hertz cycle but in the United States it is a 60 hertz cycle. Are the two compatible?

I am asking this because I would like to buy a refrigerator in the USA and have it shipped to me in Jamaica but I don't want to end up with one that I won't be able to use due to the difference in electricity.

Does anyone know if it is a good idea to do this or are the energy sources so different that either it won't work or will burn my new refrigerator out in no time?

Also is it possible to convert it so that I can use it in my home in Jamaica? If not, are there any models of refrigerators that are similar but have the proper energy needs?

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Apr 21, 2017
50/60 cycle fridge
by: Buzz

I have the same question only in reverse. I am off grid in Jamaica and have a 50 cycle fridge (Mabe) running on 60. So far (5 years) no prob. Want to get a second fridge/ freezer, and want to know if there is a problem as the choices here are better than Ja. But to answer your question a 50 runs good on 60 so I am assuming the opposite would hold true.

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