I really like my Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Model rsg5durs

by John
(Rhode Island)

I really like my Samsung side by side refrigerator model rsg5durs.


  1. I love the stainless steel finish.
  2. It has good visual and lighting for the water and ice part on the front.
  3. It is a big step up from a fridge freezer that I had, so I now have plenty of room.
  4. The water filter is on the inside of the fridge which lasts around 6 months, on most models the filter is on the exterior of the fridge which means that you have to pull it away from the wall possibly damaging your floor etc.
  5. It has a child lock on it for the dispenser, how good is that.

If there were any Cons I would tell you but there aren't any.

General info
  1. When you move the fridge through a standard door way, it will not fit but you are able to take the handles off. (which I didn’t realize at the time)
  2. I got mine from a good website that gives you 14 days to check it and send it back if there’s a problem, put it this way I built my own kitchen and kitted it right out from this website company, they were very good and you get standard manufacture warranty with any appliance you buy from the website.

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