I LOVE my Kenmore Refrigerator

by Andrea
(Miami, FL)

kenmore 55642 side-by-side refrigerator

kenmore 55642 side-by-side refrigerator

I LOVE my Kenmore refrigerator!

I've had a white kenmore 55642 side-by-side refrigerator for 15 months now and I LOVE it. The refrigerator is very reliable with easy, adjustable controls and a water/ice dispenser.

The only drawback is that the machine is a tad bit noisy for our kitchen.

I would definitely recommend this refrigerator to anyone with a spacious home, as the noise can be heard from a room away when all is quiet.

This is by far the best refrigerator I've had and I have yet to experience any mechanical problems with it. This refrigerator has great storage space and conveniently placed shelves.

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