How do I clean my refrigerators coils?

by Richard

How do I clean my Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator's (model 795.7830/7831) coils?

Q. I would like to vacuum coils. Removed grille base at bottom front. I see no coils. How do I access coils to clean?

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Sep 30, 2011
pool of water
by: Anonymous

I've defrosted my fridge freezer but I'm still getting a pool of water at the bottom of my fridge every day.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Oct 26, 2010
This might help...
by: Steve

I'm not familiar with this exact model but some bottom freezer refrigerator models have coils at the back of the fridge due to the amount of space the freezer takes up.

I know the thought of moving a fridge sounds daunting but you probably have wheels at the bottom of yours that were locked upon installation. If you can unlock them, moving it out should be a breeze.

The only caution we have for you is if your fridge is on a wood floor. If so then try to put down some heavy cardboard (such as from a box - possibly 2 layers) before you start wheeling it.

Most refrigerators are heavy enough to dent a wood floor when they're empty, so if your fridge is full then the chance of denting it is even more.

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