Getting Off the Grid with Solar Power Refrigerators

by Daniel

Small Solar Powered Fridge and Freezer

Small Solar Powered Fridge and Freezer

I've heard so many people talking about wanting to 'get off the grid' but how is that possible when you still have to be able to keep food fresh?

Believe it or not there are fridges that work on solar power alone! They tend to have a great deal more insulation so that it doesn't 'lose it's cool' (sorry for the pun) as easily and in turn need less energy to work.

Believe it or not, they are using solar powered fridges in small villages in Africa to store essential things like medicines in places where they don't have even the basics like running water or electrical!! They keep a fridge in the main community hut or that of the head of the tribe with a small solar panel that pops through the roof and collects the suns rays. Amazing right?!?!

So if you think a going off the grid is a good idea, don't fret about what you're going to do with your fridge. There are options to handle this issue.

In case you're thinking more for recreational (boats, RV's or even camping) this works for it too. They even make solar powered freezers!

So if you're wondering about how to get off the grid, you can check this box off as one less thing to worry about!!

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