Frustrated with my LG French Door Refrigerator

by David Altekruse
(St Charles, IL)

Very dissatisfied with durability and electrical design. After 5 years I had to replace the mother board. The reason? The fuse burned out.

The wonderful design has provided us with two fuses to protect the board, but they are not replaceable. Hard wired into the board so when the inexpensive fuse is shot, the whole mother board is shot as well, even though it has been protected by the fuse.

Might as well cut their cost by leaving the fuse out since it does not protect the board. 50 cent fuse or a $200 board? As a consumer you have no choice. The repair techs are aware of the stupid design, but LG does not seem to care to correct it. Easier to charge the customer.

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Sep 12, 2015
No more LG for me
by: Danny

We came home from vacation to find ruined food in the refrigerator and liquid mush in the freezer. It was a 4 and 1/2 years old unit and was like pulling teeth to get anything done about it even on an extended warranty. After two technicians came and diagnosed the problem, it took another trip to install a dye kit to find the leak of refrigerant. It was finally decided the leak was in the wall, inaccessible, and unrepairable. The company finally paid the price for a new frig. I certainly won't be spending the money on another LG. We have been two months without a refrigerator and many many calls about it. LG has good washers and dryers I believe, but have problems with their refrigerators.

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