Electrolux stainless steel side by side EI26SS55GS0

by Joe
(Bellingham, Wa)

Bought this 2008 model at BestBuy. A gorgeous unit that really impresses you but this model is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The ice maker will quit on you if you don't constantly check for ice cubes stuck behind the ice maker paddle not allowing it to reset. We had to replace the upper dispenser module because a hinge broke on the cheap plastic paddle you push your glass up against.

We are empty nesters, so there are no kids abusing this appliance. You have to replace the hole upper module ($150) to fix this.

This fridge just quit two days ago and we are waiting for a new control module as I write this. We are living out of ice chests for now and had to throw away at least 100lbs of food (so far).

You don't expect this when you decide to spend more on a higher end unit. Can't wait to get rid of this fridge!

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Mar 03, 2016
Model EW26SS65GS0
by: Anonymous

My model is doing same exact thing. They want $28 just to talk to me . I purchased this in 2008 from Best Buy and just in the last 2 months it is doing this.
If they know it is the board replace the board for free or give credit towards another refrigerator. I purchased a combo: within first yr the microwave latch broke and Sears an electrolux repair store refused to repair, best buy refused to help and electrolux itself told me to pack and send to them to repair (if they could) that should have been my warning.

Feb 22, 2016
power failure
by: Anonymous

i would like to meet the IDIOT that designed the gallery refrigerators with the manual power failure reset. did they ever think of what the conquences are with this. now think about it you leave on Sunday for vacation Monday you have a power failure,and your fridge is fine because you have that totally useless power failure on the computer. your fridge shuts down and your vaca is done you come home and tour hardwood floors in the kitchen is all buckled and you have puddles of water all over.you go to the fridge to get something out and the odor is terrible never smelled anything like it.come to find out that you had a power failure,your fridge is good glad i spent that $100.00 with that safe power failure switch,because you just lost a $15000.00 floor $1100.00 worth of food in both compartments.oh yes the magic of those brains that don't work and those people who never heard of surge protectors.

Jul 24, 2015
Power Failure Alarm
by: Mary Rose

Seems our fridge lasted longer than most. Almost 6 years trouble free. Until the power failure alarm starting going off for no reason. Lived with it until it went off ever hour one NIGHT. Finally got the alarm to stop. Called Electrolux that morning... the customer service woman knew what was wrong (of course she did). She was very helpful. After crunching the numbers (parts, service call and estimated labor charges) I decided on purchasing their "new" offer - an extended warrantee for 2 years. So she gave me a ticket number with the local certified Electrolux repairman who couldn't come for 6 days. Okay but when we got home from work the alarm was going off and they only was to stop it was to unplug it. I researched other certified repairmen in the area and will see them in 3 days. Cross your fingers! Wish we had kept the fridge that came with the house we bought. It was over 20 years old...not energy efficient but it worked. Shame on manufacturers today.

Jun 15, 2015
Module-Dispenser for Electrolux EI26SS55GS0
by: Keith

I could ditto Joe's comments. I mean exactly. My wife and I are empty nesters who thought we were buying a "high-end" refrigerator. Instead, the cheap plastic dispenser paddle broke (yes, having to replace the whole module!) and the panel board is now showing CE for both freezer and fridge. The refrigerator constantly beeps and has recently stopped running completely, causing us to -like Joe, live out of a cooler and tossing $100s of food in the trash. The refrigerator is only about 3 years old!! I'm came here in searching for a new module-dispenser unit, but was amazed at how many similar stories there are. Instead of buying the replacement parts, I think I'll angrily ditch this basically new fridge. Electrolux has lost my confidence, and I WILL spread the word!

Jan 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is the worst refrigerator I have owned. I have not liked it since day one but now it is beeping. I have shut it off at the breaker and it does stop beeping for awhile but starts up again.

Oct 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Stay away. My Power Failure Alarm just keeps going off in the middle of the night. Had the board replaced six months after purchase. STAY AWAY!!

May 09, 2014
Another bad experience
by: Anonymous

I had this frig for a bit more than 4 years. It just broke on me yesterday again. It is going to cost me this time. The controller board just fried. I am not sure if I should just trash it instead of fixing it.

Mar 30, 2013
Pissed off !
by: Control panel Fiasco

We were to stupid to buy the exptended warranty when we bought this fridge. Big Mistake!..buying the fridge I mean. The Control panel was replaced after 6 months. 6 Months later the second panel was flaky again and after 3 years the fridge powers off and on constantly every few hours. It would wake up up in the night with false alarms beeping from power failure. I finally ripped the speaker out of it to shut the thing up. Electrolux wanted to charge us $ 400 for another panel. But I have zero confidence that I won't have to repair it again in 6 months so we're looking for another fridge and won't buy electrolux again.

Mar 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

I bought this beautiful high end refrigerator in Jan. 2010. Three months later the touch panel in the door that controls the water, ice and temp. went bad. Called Electrolux and they sent me the new part and had a repairman come out and install it. No problem. BUT...Now 3 years later, after the warranty expires, the same panel goes bad again. I called electrolux and they expained the warranty had expired and I would have to pay for the part. No problem. I said I would pay for it. Send it to me. A few days later I got a part in the mail. Not the part I wanted. Not even close. I called back. They said the part I needed is no longer available. I said how could this be, its only 3 years old. They said sorry.
They said they would call me back with a pick-up number to put on the wrong part they sent me and have fed-ex pick it up. Then they would credit my account. Five days later I still have not got a number so they can pick it up and my account still has not been credited.
I will never buy another Electrolux or Frigdaire product again. They are the same company.
After only 3 yrs. I had to buy another refrigerator.

Jul 26, 2012
Horrible Piece of Garbage
by: Lebanon, PA

I agree with your comments.
We had bought this brand new in 2008. It is a horrible piece of junk! Mine finally died this morning, after almost 3 1/2 years of one thing breaking after another.... I'd throw a party except that I just had to buy a new fridge.

Jul 26, 2012
by: Lebanon, PA

This refrigerator is a piece of garbage! I spent a lot of money on it mid 2008, and saw no need to purchase an extended warranty when the appliance was bought. A year and one month after the purchase, the ice maker started acting up. I tried to call Electrolux and could not find a phone number that was valid. I then tried contacting customer service via email - what a joke, they never responded. Yr#2 the ice maker quit completely! Just manually make ice cubes the old fashioned way. No problem. Then last year the water dispenser would not shut off - I had water everywhere - we had to shut the water off in the basement & then tried to access the electronics in the door because the water motor kept trying to run - could not get the panel off, had to pry it and basically rip it off. Ok - so no filtered water, but now the flap on the icemaker will not shut - this morning at 5:30 AM the monster quit working! I HATE THIS FRIDGE! Try to find a fridge over 20 CU FT, in stock, delivered the same day. Lucky that I found one... hope it lasts longer than the piece of junk that I just want to burn,run over with a semi- truck, you get the drift!

May 26, 2012
piece of junk
by: Anonymous

my wife purchased this expensive junk at Lowes for over $2000. as mentioned above the ice and water activator switch broke. i fixed it with a switch from radio shack.
now the dang thing wont run blowing a code EC and making a clicking noise from the bottom front.

May 01, 2012
This refrigerator ice maker is nightmarish
by: William Moore

Just had the whole assembley replaced again < 1.5 months ago, 3 years down the road (for the 2nd time in this "product's" lifetime). What a POS! I will never buy another Electrolux product ever again after my experience with this reliability and quality-charade of an appliance. Ice maker suckage? Check! Now for our third service call!

Mar 07, 2012
Totally Agree!!!
by: Anonymous

In almost 4 years of owning this same refrigerator, we have had 4 different service calls for the same problem...the front control panel.

Now on this 4th call, we find out that the part is no longer being made so we will be out of luck if it happens in the future.

Not good customer service in my opinion.

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