Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Reviews (Model #EW28BS71IS6)

Here's our disappointed Electrolux french door refrigerator reviews:

We purchased our Electrolux refrigerator 3 months ago and our ice maker has never worked properly.

Today I learned that the "fingers" that freeze the ice cubes were crushed thus creating the malfunction.

This was after having had one service call to replace the thermometers in the ice maker/freezer connections AND another call to put new glides put on the freezer trays. I have not even addressed that I can't slide the ice drawer in/out without force.

This is a sub par product that needs a complete overhaul before manufacturing any more units!

What a disappointment after spending over $3,500 for the unit?!?! Electrolux should stick to vacuums and induction cook tops.

The good news in all of this is that I am now able to return and exchange this junk since the unit is now determined to be unrepairable.

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Apr 16, 2018
ELECTROLUX refrigerator worst piece of junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Electrolux refrigerator 5 years ago and the ice maker never worked properly. About a year ago the temp in the refrigerator was high. Repairman fixed it but a few months later, same thing. After about eight service calls and replacement of numerous major parts, they gave up and declared it unrepairable. Luckily, I had just purchased a new extended warranty (for $462) and they paid me $1800 for the unit. It worked for a few months and now the refrigerator temp says ‘HI" and the freezer is not freezing. WHAT A PILE OF JUNK THIS IS. IT’S NO WONDER I NEVER SEE ELECTROLUX IN ANY OF THE APPLIANCE STORES. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Dec 02, 2015
Ice Maker never worked
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Electrolux refrigerator in 2012.
the company skipped town after coming to my home over five times and never repaired my Electrolux.
I call a local authorized repairman and he came and said that he ordered a 200.00 part, but he never came back to deliver it. It's been over a year. Every time I try to call he never answers my phone. I don't want to mention his name, I know his business and will include it in my statement for the lawsuit. He also propped a bar stool to keep my freezer door closed and never came back to repair it. I also bought a new filter that was never delivered. I'm afraid to order filters again because it is difficult to fine one to match my model number and the one found I don't trust the company selling it (Electrolux) EI28BS56ISO

May 16, 2015
French Door Disaster
by: Alabama

Lucky, I was home, when my water and ice dispenser came on all by itself, and flooded my kitchen with ice and water. I rushed to my breaker box and turned off power.
I THINK with control lock on this will not happen, but am not sure!!

Mar 19, 2015
Ice Maker is junk
by: Anonymous

Bought a new model EI28BS in fall of 2010. It's the French door with ice/water dispenser in the door. The ice make worked for a few weeks and then quit making ice. Now over 4 years later I've had 12 service call for the ice maker. At best it has worked for a few weeks after each repair. Recently I've had a tech out four times, and he still hasn't got it working. Turns out there is a service bulletin out on the ice maker (thanks for not telling me Electrolux). He's replaced multiple parts, some several times, and it still doesn't work. Thank God I purchased a, insurance policy that covers all appliances for a monthly fee. I recommend Residential MD.

Feb 25, 2015
Electrolux Ice Maker
by: Just a Number

$3,500.00 French Door fridge.
Ice maker never worked more than a few months at a time. Repaired over and over. Now after out of warranty on a product that that never worked long enough added up to equal warranty. Electrolux offered me 20% off of a new fridge. That would be like paying $1,000.00 per year to have working ice maker. I do not gamble and would rather give money to a casino than ever purchase from Electrolux or any of its other brands again.

Dec 03, 2014
Dont Ever Buy A Frigidaire Appliance!!!
by: Charlene Davis

In 2008 we purchased a French Door Refridgerator/Freezer Model #E32AF75FP50, Serial # WB 73533181 manufactured 08/07. On February 22,2013 our son came home late in the evening to find the hallways living room kitchen and dining room of our house flooded. He awoke us and we discovered this flood was due to a cracked icemaker filter, which we promptly removed to stop the flooding. Fortunately we acted quickly with shop vacs, towels and blankets and were able to save the expensive wood flooring which covers this area of the house. The insurance company had ServPro come out the next day to complete the drying of the floors. After Allstates investigation of the claim, they found that the filter was faulty and was the cause of the flood damage. They subsequently contacted Electrolux and Electrolux reimbursed them $5,293.51 as reimbursement for the damage. We received a replacement filter from Electrolux which we installed.Then in September, we were gone for the weekend and came home this time to a completely flooded house (from the same cause)! We immediately called Serv Pro and they began the cleanup, however this time there was significantly more damage due to the water sitting and we were told that there was no way that the floors or baseboards could be saved due to the previous flood compromising them. In addition,the bottom section of drywall in several rooms as well as doors and cupboards repaired and refinished. We put in a call to our insurance agent and he strongly advised us against filing another claim because we would probably get cancelled if we did. Since Electrolux had accepted responsibility for the first claim he believed they had established a presidence for being once again responsible for the recurring situation. We did not realize then but the repairs would cost us over $22,000, not to mention the loss of use of our home during the repairs. After doing some research we found that this product has a history of this type of defect. Although there are numerous attorneys that would gladly take our case, we thought that it would be best to give the manufacturer an opportunity to provide reimbursement for our loss without incurring unnecessary court costs and time. We want nothing more than reimbursement for the expense of our repairs and a properly working refrigerator. We have full documentation upon request.Please contact us by 05/10/14 if you are interested in resolving this dispute with us directly, otherwise we will be forced to seek remedy through another avenue.
First Name = Jeffrey & Charlene
Last Name = Davis
E-Mail Address = youbenefit@aol.com
Phone Number = 909-228-5858

Sep 09, 2014
Electrolux Icon French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker problems
by: Anonymous

Bought an Electrolux icon refrigerator in March 2010. The Ice Maker was serviced 5 times in one year. Electrolux realized it was a problem and replaced it with a completely new model:
E23BC78IPS7. This unit made ice from a tray rather than fingers freezing tubes. It lasted 2 years before ice began to melt and clump and water leaked. Was serviced and paid for by me. Now a year later, styrofoam and small plastic chunks came out of ice maker into my water glass. Appearanly the harness cover fell off and the thermistor probe got wrapped around the ice maker agar. Completely ripped the probe in half and shorted out the control board. Now my $3400 refrigerator does not work AT ALL!!!!
Electrolux is fully aware of the harness cover problem and still won't pay for the repairs because I'm 2 years out of warranty!
Electrolux is horrible!!!! Selling CRAP to consumers!
Will never purchase an electrolux product ever again!

Aug 13, 2014
Nothing but problems. Stay away from Electrolux
by: KFP

In 2011 we bought an Electrolux Icon french door refrigerator because it was supposedly top of the line. We paid around $3500 for it. After getting it home it worked fine for a couple of weeks except that it constantly made noises, clicking and thumping. Then the ice maker quit working and the noises became more frequent and louder.

I called Electrolux but nothing came of it. We had a long illness and death in the family so I put the problem on the back burner. About 5 weeks ago I called Electrolux and they said they would make an exception and would pick up the tab on the repairs but it has to be completed within 2 months.

I contacted their authorized repair facility and the man found that he couldn't do an analysis on the unit until the control panel was replaced. We waited four weeks for the part to arrive. They sent the wrong one. and then again and again and once again.

The man was here for the 4th time with the wrong part in hand. Meanwhile the 2 months is flying by. We even took the part number right off of the faulty part and they still can't get it right. And there's no guarantee that the new part won't fail nor that the ice maker will not fail again as well.

I'm sorry I ever heard of Electrolux. When you spend an extra couple of thousand dollars on an item thinking you're going to get the best product available and then it breaks down within a couple of months from the purchase and when checking find that this is a common problem with the unit it has a tendency to put you off from ever buying or recommending any product from this manufacturer. If this continues I will be seeking an attorney.

Jun 15, 2014
Bad product
by: Anonymous

In 2011 I bought Electrolux Fridge(ew23bc71is7) ,Stove and Dishwasher and in 2012 my dishwasher motherboard blew ($500.00) and my fridge has been leaking water and making very little water.I called the company several times and I was told that I only had a 1 year warranty on those items.There is a class action lawsuit pending against this company and the attorney representing is Nagel Rice LLP and phone is 973-618-0400 / web is negelrice.com

Mar 24, 2014
Shame on Electrolux
by: Anonymous

My ice make has never worked continually. I have had a new one put in, have the whole fridge replaced, had to have it serviced several more times, had an ugly black seal put in there so the warmer air from the fridge didn't get inside and melt or screw up the ice.
On the last service call I had done some shaking around and God knows what and by the time the service person came out it was working again. I asked him to look at it and tell me why this is happpenning to no avail. So now, Electrolux considers it fixed and my warranty was up.
As I said, shame on them!

Nov 25, 2013
Total Junk
by: Never Again

We have owned an Electrolux French Door refrig for 2 years. In that time we have had 6-8 service calls from the dealer and manufacturer. The dealer didn't let us know they were untrained until the manufacturer did OJT training on our refrig. The doors don't seal properly-seals keep tearing, the ice maker is a continual problem (refrig needs to be unplugged then wait 8 hours and you have ice for about a week). $3,500 worth of junk, junk, junk! We are now looking at other units and will make sure this one never haunts another family.

Oct 25, 2013
UPDATE - A Workaround at least
by: Anonymous

After several repairs/upgrades to the failing ice maker, things have settled down quite a bit. I have learned that when it stops making ice it works best to follow these steps:
1. Turn off the ice maker.
2. Remove the ice from the bucket(if any) and clean the bucket.
3. Get a hair dryer and melt anything that might be frozen (like the fill tubes).
4. Barring that, just let it melt naturally.
5. Start it up again.

Like the previous poster, the fill tube freezing seems to be the problem nowadays, but it doesn't freeze everyday - more like once a month or less. I keep a container of ice in the bottom freezer as a backup to tide us over until the ice-maker is back online.

It beats using ice-cube trays and the rest of the refrigerator has worked beautifully.

I decided to stop paying for an annual service contract though: I figure Electrolux shouldn't get ANY more of my money, and if it fails again, I'll pay the service company directly.

Oct 25, 2013
by: art truesdell

Worked on numerous times by dealership in
Quakertown Pa. to no availe.Finally had it replaced .Plastic on doors broke off, Doors were replaced. GUESS WHAT ? Ice maker still doesn't work and plastice continues to break off doors. Finally turned off icemaker. Went back to using ice cube trays.. Never again an Electrox product.

Aug 01, 2013
Electrolux French Door Refrigerator
by: Donald R

We purchased our EW28BS71IS6 French door refrigerator Sept 2010 and it immediately had the problems with the ice maker. Electrolux would not do anything so we had our local appliance repair people work on it. They found the tubing to the water filter was freezing so moved the tubing but it still freezes. Then the second trip they put a new part in and it still failed. Third trip we bypassed the freezer area with the tubing and we now have water but still no ice.
Incidentally, we also had a new Electrolux canistor vacuum and it failed and Electrolux refused to repair it. I have never dealt with a company so bad at customer relation and to fail to back their product.

Mar 12, 2013
Electrolux -- Horrible Refrigerator!!
by: Anonymous

We purchased our top of the line Electrolux refrigerator model EI23BC56ISO 3 years ago and it has broken 5 times - mostly the ice maker.

They keep replacing the ice maker and everything that goes with it. After each repair it works for about 4 months, and breaks again.

I have yelled and screamed at them and so far they have fixed everything after I threaten a law suit. I didn't realize a class action suit has been filed. When you spend this much on a refrigerator, you shouldn't have to go through this.

I told them I want a new refrigerator and they just laughed. They want me to purchase an extended warranty and I told them it hasn't worked long enough to be able to purchase it.

It broke again this week so am now waiting once again to get it fixed. I will NEVER buy another Electrolux appliance.

Dec 21, 2012
Replacement New Electrolux 2 Weeks Old
by: Tina T

Had the french door Electrolux for 2½ years with all the familiar ice maker problems.

Electrolux sent a replacement (new EW28BS85KS) 2 weeks ago. Appreciated the replacement since they acknowledged the poor design. The replacement unfortunately is not without problems, several times the high temp alarm has gone off.

I had the service company come out and we decided if it happened again they would order a new board. In the meantime my husband and I noticed the freezer drawer was wobbly,and then we noticed when you close the french doors the air opens the freezer drawer.

Unfortunately it is Dec. 21st and will have to live with the freezer drawer taped shut until after Christmas.

The Electrolux engineers get a lump of coal from me!!!

Nov 05, 2012
Pirates of Standard Appliance and TV
by: Benny KendallAnonymous

Bought a Electrlux french door frig in 2010 and I have had it worked on several for the ice maker. It has broken down three times in one year plus I have had the service tech come out and say its broken again.

I think Electrolux covers several makes.

We need to get together and do something.I too paid over $3000 for this product!!!

Note: I Am without ice now and waiting for service!! I will add this site to my home page called the 800 number about the law suit but the storm has messed everything up.

Sep 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

We purchased our french door Electrolux Refrigerator in 2009.

We've had 8 repairs on the ice maker alone....what a mess!! It's still not working.

Also, the control panel, led display, and circuit board has gone out twice!! Never again will we purchase an Electrolux product.

We have had our GE side by side refrigerator (now using it as a spare in the garage)for over 16 years...the refrigerator and the ice maker still works!!

GE is a far better product than Electrolux. No wonder they are paying Kelly Rippa in their commericals....using a celebrity in their commercials will be the only way they are going to sell anything!

Aug 08, 2012
by: Anonymous





IF YOU ALREADY BOUGHT ONE THERE IS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. http://electrolux-refrigerator.lawsuit.com
800 757-2304

Aug 08, 2012
Electrolux French Door Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I am happy for the people whose icemaker malfunctioned soon enough to get a replacement.
Hope the new one is better.

I bought my refrigerator in Jan 2011. I am now on my 7th repair. Some of which required 2 visits to repair. Fortunately I am retired. If I was still working I would have been fired for missing work too often. All to get a worthless ice maker temporarily patched.

I called Electrolux because because this problem is obviously a problem from day one, which can not be fixed. And they know it.

They refused to do anything but pay for a $40 motor and I would have to pay the $200 labor. All the while they know this is not going to fix it. Good money after bad.

I have learned that they have redesigned the ice maker because of all the problems.

I wonder if the new design is any better. Does anyone know?

I also learned that due to water dripping down. Structures below can be damaged, as well as the floor and wall behind the refrigerator.

Class action lawsuit has been started see http://electrolux-refrigerator.lawsuit.com
800 757-2304
e-mail info@pllawfirm.com

If you have not bought one do not. If you have. God Bless You.

Jun 08, 2012
Another Dissatsified Electrolux Customer
by: Anonymous


The customer service dept. said they had problems with the ice makers on the French Door refrigerator but didn't want to upset people with a recall.

When I called they said they wouldn't do anything for us because the warranty was up after the first year. Ours is 2 years old.

The parts alone were $236.00. They offered to sell us a ONE year warranty for $250.00 to cover the refrigerator.

This is a product that shouldn't be on the market and has too many problems. What a rip off for the money.

I am in agreement with the other comments...DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ELECTROLUX APPLIANCE. They don't stand behind their products.

May 01, 2012
Ice maker from Hell
by: William

We're on our third, this most recent unit was just replaced 1.5 months ago.

Guess what?! No ice.

I will never buy an Electrolux anything again.

Feb 19, 2012
Our Eletrolux Ice Maker has Failed 4 Times
by: Anonymous

I bought an SXS Refrigerator (model EI28BS56IW0) about 2-1/2 years ago for nearly $2800 and the ice maker has failed FOUR TIMES - just stopped making ice.

The first time, the repair (a rework kit) was covered by the original warranty.

The next two upgrades were covered by extended warranty (an additional $180.

Now this fourth event is up to me to get fixed because the extended warranty expired a couple months ago.

But the ORIGINAL problem has obviously not been corrected: The ice maker should not be failing this often - this is terrible reliability.

I contacted Electrolux and they simply confirmed that it's up to me to buy an extended warranty year after year to keep this ice maker going.

It is otherwise a great refrigerator - I'm amazed that their ice maker hasn't been recalled.

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Feb 02, 2011
Ice Maker Crushed Fingers
by: Huntington, WV

Our Electrolux French door refrigerator (model EI28BS561S) was installed in Sept. 2010.

The ice maker lasted 5 months before failing with "Crushed Fingers" - it's a technical term not a literal thing.

Apparently it is a fairly common thing to happen to this model and Electrolux is now backing it by replacing the entire refrigerator.

The Tech said he was "condemning the unit".

I agree it is a shame such an expensive unit would be flawed like this, but I must admit that Electrolux has been GREAT to work with.

Feb 02, 2011
Ice maker
by: Anonymous

We purchased a French door refrigerator by Eletrolux and within a few week we could only get crushed ice out, no cubed.

A few days later we noted this loud clicking sound from the ice maker and then water dripping inside. We removed and defrosted the icemaker and still clicking and dripping. Finally we just turned the ice maker off...way too much trouble to be bothered with.

No more Electrolux for us. Sell now!

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Jan 09, 2011
Terrible Ice Makers on Electrolux Refrigerators (model EW28BS71156)
by: Anonymous

I bought this Electrolux refrigerator just 2 months ago. The ice maker went out and there is water all over.

When you pay this kind of money, they need to do something about correcting this ice maker and give a credit adjustment to everyone who has these problems.

Repair man told us they have already redesigned this three times in one year.

Dec 22, 2010
Electrolux Side by Side French Door Fridge
by: Anonymous

My Electrolux side by side fridge was installed at the beginning of Sept 2010.

The ice maker lasted about one week before it quit. It was serviced but only adjusted.

About one month later, once again no ice maker. This time the part took over a month to get installed.

It is now Dec 21/10 and there is no water or ice.

I wonder how many times Electrolux will repair the same problem. Hopefully, it will last more than a month after this next fix.

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