Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Review (model #E128BS561B)

by R. Lynch
(Mpls, MN)

Here's my Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Review (model #E128BS561B):

In 27 years of marriage, this is the first appliance that I TOTALLY REGRET buying. It has been 6 weeks (so I can't return it) I have had service out here 6 times already!!

Here's the problems we've had:

  • Ice maker issues
  • The water stops and starts as it wishes for days at a time
  • I had a condensation issue.
  • Even have had some door issues

I am at my wits end!

While it looks good, the only thing correctly claimed about this fridge are the 2 initials in the middle of the model#!!

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Jul 18, 2011
Electrolux French Door: STAY AWAY!!!
by: Anonymous

I am currently on my third Electrolux French door fridge since September 2010!

I have had many issues: ice maker problems on all three and even with replacement units installed.

Lots of condensation. I am so disappointed with our new appliances. I have finally called Electrolux enough times that they finally agreed to take it back .

I am going with a Maytag this time.I pray that I am done with problems.

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Dec 19, 2010
Electrolux Appliances Have Terrible Product and Customer Service
by: Anonymous

I have had many of the same issues as below and the service from Electrolux and the local dealer Fred's Appliances in Spokane was awful.

Truly a ridiculous situation with at least 6 service calls, a replacement fridge and more excuses than we can count.

We eventually got a refund for the fridge - though we had to be persistent. Our recommendation to you would be to get a person on the phone and refuse to get off the line till you speak to a supervisor who is authorized to give a refund.

Avoid this product line!

Oct 15, 2010
Try having three Electrolux appliances and not happy with any of them!
by: Anonymous

I just bought my Electrolux appliances 6 months ago. I had the same problem with the ice maker just after I bought my refrigerator. Water was dripping out everywhere randomly. They replaced it within the month.

After having had problems with all of my Electrolux appliances I wrote to Electrolux after 7 months and I've been told that they are going to buy them all back.

Now what do I buy??? Any one please help... I bought the extra 5 year warranty and will never not buy a warranty after reading all of the reviews.

Can anyone offer a positive review so that I can know what to look at?

Mrs J

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