Electrolux French Door Refrigerator (model EI28BS56ISO)

by Charles
(Charleston, SC)

Here's our review of the Electrolux EI28BS56IW (27.8 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator:

  • The icemaker in the refrigerator section is a bad design. After 15 service calls, 5 software upgrades and the icemaker replacement 3 times (four if you count the part that was installed backwards at the factory that had to be replaced).

    • I complained to the Dept of Consumer affairs and threatened legal action. Electrolux refunded 100% of the purchase price. It took 19 months!!!

Two service technicians from two different service companies stated that Electrolux had bought back "several" refrigerators in this market. (Charleston, South Carolina)

Be nice to the customer service reps and don't get angry, they do a good job with an impossible product.

What worked? I kept asking: "Do I need to talk to your superior, the next person up the chain, or should I talk to your legal department?"

Comments for Electrolux French Door Refrigerator (model EI28BS56ISO)

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Aug 04, 2014
Under no circumstances buy this junk
by: Robert luther

Had trouble with ice maker, evaporator fan.
Same trouble as others had also but all electrolux would do for us is give a discount on another junk refer.

Apr 28, 2014
finally got a check
by: Anonymous

I bought this refrigerator in late 2010 and thankfully I also bought the warranty. I had the front electronic board replaced twice, the Ice maker replaced, the valve body replaced twice, the water dispenser replaced, the computer under the unit replaced, I had sensors replaced. I even had the technician put A/C duct foil tape on the part that brings the cold air from the freezer into the fridge. NONE of these repairs ever fixed the true issue, which is it can not regulate the temp in the refrigerator portion of the unit. That is the real issue. If it get to cold, the water line freezes causing a no ice no water issue. If it gets even colder, the filter freezes causing it to crack then when it returns to below freezing, it defrosts then floods the freezer box and your kitchen. Or it the cold air stack builds up ice, then the vent door remains shut and the fridge portion gets too warm. Lowes finally paid me for the whole thing and now Im getting an LG. Also, F ANYONE HAS EVER HAD THEIRS REPAIRED ANDIT ACTUALLY FIXED IT PLEASE REPLY SO OTHERS WONT HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY TRYING TO GET THEIRS FIXED. Thank you

Apr 26, 2014
refrig ice msker
by: glenda mason

At least 5 to 6 technicians came out and the fix would be temporary.every 6 months, the prob. Returned. They gave 1 year warranty and/or 60% discount to purchase a new one. Had to use discount within 30 days. Really now! As of today, I am constantly using a hair dryer to defrost freezer. At least every three weeks since 9/2013. WHO DOES THAT with such an expensive refrigerator? I should be reimbursed

Jan 17, 2012
The Ice Maker in our Electrolux Refrigerator is not Working
by: from Chicgo IL

The ice maker in our Electrolux refrigerator is not working.

They replaced our refrigerator twice and tried to fix it countless times. Though in the end Electrolux refunded 70% of the price, because they could not fix it.

While I would like to have a working ice maker, at least I feel like Electrolux really stepped up in their customer service.

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Jan 12, 2012
Same Electrolux Refrigerator Model, Same Problem!
by: Emily Pudwill

I made several calls to Electrolux complaining about the icemaker not making ice and leaking water inside and outside of my fridge.

I purchased my Electrolux refrigerator in June of 2010, and first called when the fridge was only 6 months old. Electrolux only sent someone to update my software.

It wasn't until the 1 year manufacturer's warranty expired and my extended 5 year warranty started that I got someone to come out and install a new icemaker and a front board because several lights were out. Three hours and $902.94, all covered by the warranty.

The following day, the refrigerator was still leaking water!!! A&E returned to working on my fridge for another two hours just to tell me it is the fan behind the icemaker, so another part to order and at least another 3 hours of work!

I am thinking the warranty company would save money if they just sent me a new fridge, preferably a different model!

Aug 01, 2011
Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Is Very LOUD
by: James

Our Electrolux French door refrigerator ice maker was very loud, and after 18 months Ice maker quit working.

I have changed filter ever 6 months or less. Now I am waiting on the service repair man now and was told it would be a minimum cost of $126.95 plus parts that will be needed.

We moved into out home in June 2011. Had to have washer repaired within first year. Both this and the refrigerator are the Electrolux brand.

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